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1.  COPS on Dots Doing What? The Differential Effects of Police Enforcement Actions in Hot Spots
NCJ Number   249880
Author: Cory P. Haberman
Publication Date: May 2016
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
2.  Sociological Explanations of Delinquency (From Juvenile Justice: An Introduction, P 75-104, 2006 -- See NCJ-213986)
NCJ Number   213990
Author: John T. Whitehead; Steven P. Lab
Publication Date: 2006
3.  Preventive Policing and Security Plans: The Reception of New Crime Prevention Strategies in Three Finnish Cities
NCJ Number   212606
Author: Jukka Torronen; Timo Korander
Journal Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention  Volume6  Issue2  Dated2005  Pages106-127
Publication Date: 2005
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4.  Gender and Youth Offending
NCJ Number   211661
Author: David Smith; Lesley McAra
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
5.  Contextual Revolution in Psychology and the Question of Prison Effects (From The Effects of Imprisonment, P 66-93, 2005, Alison Liebling and Shadd Maruna, eds. -- See NCJ-211241)
NCJ Number   211243
Author: Craig Haney
Publication Date: 2005
6.  Violent Police Behavior: Past, Present, and Future Research Directions
NCJ Number   210586
Author: Kim Michelle Lersch; Tom Mieczkowski
Journal Aggression and Violent Behavior  Volume10  Issue5  DatedJuly-August 2005  Pages552-568
Publication Date: July 2005
Abstract   Find in a Library
7.  Black, White, and Unequal: Examining Situational Determinants of Arrest Decisions From Police-Suspect Encounters
NCJ Number   209863
Author: Robert A. Brown
Journal Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law and Society  Volume18  Issue1  DatedMarch 2005  Pages51-68
Publication Date: March 2005
Abstract   Find in a Library
8.  Situational Crime Prevention as a Key Component in Embedded Crime Prevention
NCJ Number   209845
Author: Patricia L. Brantingham; Paul J. Brantingham; Wendy Taylor
Journal Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice  Volume47  Issue2  DatedApril 2005  Pages271-292
Publication Date: April 2005
Abstract   Find in a Library
9.  Changing Situational Decisionmaking Among Offenders: A Preliminary Analysis
NCJ Number   209321
Author: Michael W. Markowitz; Christopher Salvatore
Journal Corrections Compendium  Volume30  Issue2  DatedMarch/April 2005  Pages1-3,30,31
Publication Date: March 2005
Abstract   Find in a Library
10.  Situational Determinants in Intimate Partner Violence
NCJ Number   209059
Author: Deanna L. Wilkinson; Susan J. Hamerschlag
Journal Aggression and Violent Behavior  Volume10  Issue3  DatedMarch-April 2005  Pages333-361
Publication Date: March 2005
Abstract   Find in a Library
11.  Evaluation of the South Oxnard Challenge Project 1997-2001
NCJ Number   208531
Author: Susan Turner; Amber Schroeder; Terry Fain; Jodi Lane; Joan Petersilia
Publication Date: 2002
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
12.  Serious Criminality at U.S. Colleges and Universities: An Application of the Situational Perspective
NCJ Number   208086
Author: Don Hummer
Journal Criminal Justice Policy Review  Volume15  Issue4  DatedDecember 2004  Pages391-417
Publication Date: December 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
13.  Tradition and Innovation in Crime and Justice
NCJ Number   207370
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
14.  Motivation for Offending and Personality
NCJ Number   207161
Author: Gisli H. Gudjonsson; Jon Fridrik Sigurdsson
Journal Legal and Criminological Psychology  Volume9  Issue1  DatedFebruary 2004  Pages69-81
Publication Date: February 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
15.  Assessing and Coping with Violent Behavior
NCJ Number   206826
Author: George Mount Ph.D.
Journal Journal of Police Crisis Negotiations  Volume3  Issue2  Dated2003  Pages31-38
Publication Date: 2003
Abstract   Find in a Library
16.  Juvenile Homicide Encapsulated (From Juvenile Justice Sourcebook: Past, Present, and Future, P 423-464, 2004, Albert R. Roberts, ed. -- See NCJ-206597)
NCJ Number   206614
Author: Kathleen M. Heide
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
17.  Sport Riots: A Social--Psychological Review
NCJ Number   206418
Author: Gordon W. Russell
Journal Aggression and Violent Behavior  Volume9  Issue4  DatedJuly 2004  Pages353-378
Publication Date: July 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
18.  Assessing the Impact of the Reducing Burglary Initiative in Southern England and Wales
NCJ Number   206325
Author: Andrew Millie; Mike Hough
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
19.  "Who Kills Whom" Revisited: A Sociological Study of Variation in the Sex Ratio of Spouse Killings
NCJ Number   205955
Author: Deann K. Gauthier; William B. Bankston
Journal Homicide Studies  Volume8  Issue2  DatedMay 2004  Pages96-122
Publication Date: May 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
20.  Women's Situational Coping with Acquaintance Sexual Assault: Applying an Appraisal-Based Model
NCJ Number   205969
Author: Paula S. Nurius; Jeanette Norris; Rebecca J. Macy; Bu Huang
Journal Violence Against Women  Volume10  Issue5  DatedMay 2004  Pages450-478
Publication Date: May 2004
Abstract  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
21.  White-Collar Crime and Criminal Careers: Specifying a Trajectory of Punctuated Situational Offending
NCJ Number   205845
Author: Nicole Leeper Piquero; Michael L. Benson
Journal Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice  Volume20  Issue2  DatedMay 2004  Pages148-165
Publication Date: May 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
22.  Crime Prevention -- Theory, Practice and Dilemmas: A Book of Conference Abstracts of the Second Slovene Criminological Conference
NCJ Number   205825
Publication Date: September 2003
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
23.  Juvenile Delinquency-Scenario in Mauritius
NCJ Number   205780
Author: Arun Kumar Agnihotri M.D.
Journal Forensic Medicine and Toxicology  Volume4  Issue1  DatedJanuary-June 2003  Pages1-6
Publication Date: January 2003
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
24.  Prevention of Organised Crime: A Situational Approach
NCJ Number   205222
Author: H. G. van de Bunt; Cathelijne van der Schoot
Publication Date: 2003
Abstract   Find in a Library
25.  Adolescents Who Sexually Abuse (From Sex Offenders in the Community: Managing and Reducing the Risks, P 167-188, 2003, Amanda Matravers, ed., -- See NCJ-204789)
NCJ Number   204797
Author: Rowland Coombes
Publication Date: 2003
Abstract   Find in a Library

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