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Indigent Defense, BJS, February 1996, NCJ 158909. (4 pages).
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Indigent Defense and Technology: A Progress Report, BJA, November 1999, NCJ 179003. (33 pages).
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Informal Information Sharing Among Police Agencies, NIJ, December 1998, FS 000233.
Initiatives for Improving the Mental Health of Traumatized Crime Victims, OVC, 1998, NCJ 171665. (4 pages).
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Initiatives to Combat Child Abuse, OVC, 1998, FS 000212.
Initiatives to Combat Violence Against Women, OVC, 1998, FS 000211.
Innovative Approaches to Juvenile Indigent Defense, OJJDP, December 1998, NCJ 171151. (8 pages).
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Innovative Courts Programs: Results From State and Local Program Workshops, BJA-Sponsored, Justice Research and Statistics Association, July 1995, 231664.
Innovative Neighborhood-Oriented Policing: Descriptions of Programs in Eight Cities, Volume I -- Issues in Community Policing: Lessons Learned in the Implementation of Eight Innovative Neighborhood-Oriented Policing Programs, Volume II, NIJ, June 1995, NCJ 157934. (290 pages).
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Integrating Drug Testing Into a Pretrial Services System: 1999 Update, BJA, July 1999, NCJ 176340. (157 pages).
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