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OVC Handbook for Coping After Terrorism: A Guide to Healing and Recovery, OVC, September 2001, NCJ 190249. (12 pages).
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Intimate Partner Violence and Age of Victim, 1993-99, BJS, October 2001, NCJ 187635. (13 pages).
Agency Abstract   PDF   TEXT   NCJRS Abstract 
Improved Analysis of DNA Short Tandem Repeats With Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry, NIJ, October 2001, NCJ 188292. (84 pages).
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Promoting Safety in Schools: International Experience and Action, BJA, August 2001, NCJ 186937. (68 pages).
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Results From an Elder Abuse Prevention Experiment in New York City, Research in Brief, NIJ, September 2001, NCJ 188675. (7 pages).
PDF   TEXT   NCJRS Abstract 
Childhood Victimization: Early Adversity, Later Psychopathology, NIJ, January 2000, NCJ 180077. (8 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Healing to Wellness Courts: A Preliminary Overview of Tribal Drug Courts, BJA, July 1999, NCJ 178907. (21 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Can We Talk? Public Safety and the Interoperability Challenge, NIJ, April 2000, NCJ 181729. (6 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Clearing Up Homicide Clearance Rates, NIJ, April 2000, NCJ 181728. (6 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Youth Violence: Do Parents and Families Make a Difference?, NIJ, April 2000, NCJ 181732. (9 pages).
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