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Implementing Evidence-Based Practices, BJA-Sponsored, January 2015, NCJ 248751. (21 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Implementing Evidence-Based Practices (Executive Summary), BJA-Sponsored, December 2014, NCJ 248750. (6 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Implementing Evidence-Based Practices (PowerPoint Slides), BJA-Sponsored, December 2014, NCJ 248752. (22 pages).
HTML (PPT)   NCJRS Abstract 
Introduction to Evidence-Based Practices (PowerPoint Slides), BJA-Sponsored, April 2014, NCJ 248753. (29 pages).
HTML (PPT)   NCJRS Abstract 
Keeping Vulnerable Populations Safe Uunder PREA: Alternative Strategies to the Use of Segregation in Prisons and Jails, BJA-Sponsored, April 2015, NCJ 248748. (23 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Evaluation & Research Literature: The State of Knowledge on BJA-Funded Programs, BJA, March 2015, NCJ 248747. (172 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Five Things About Sexual Assault Kits, NIJ, April 2015, NCJ 248675. (1 pages).
Agency Abstract   PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
From Warriors to Guardians: Recommitting American Police Culture to Democratic Ideals, NIJ, April 2015, NCJ 248654. (16 pages).
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Technical Working Group on Violent Victimization Research, December 2-3, 2014, NIJ, December 2014, NCJ 248746. (46 pages).
PDF (Meeting Notes)   PDF (Berg Presentation)   PDF (Browne Presentation)   PDF (Hequembourg Presentation)   PDF (Lurgio Presentation)   PDF (Lurgio White Paper)   PDF (Sharpe Presentation)   PDF (Taylor Presentation)   PDF (NIJ Overview)   NCJRS Abstract 
Justice Reinvestment in Alabama: Analysis and Policy Framework, BJA-Sponsored, March 2015, NCJ 248742. (32 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 

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