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2016 National Crime Victims' Rights Week (NCVRW) Resource Guide, OVC, 2016, NCJ 249210. (108 pages).
PDF (English)   PDF (Spanish)   HTML (English)   HTML (Spanish)   NCJRS Abstract 
Across the Universe? A Comparative Analysis of Violent Radicalization Across Three Offender Types With Implications for Criminal Justice Training and Education, NIJ-Sponsored, 2016, NCJ 249937. (122 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Development of a Science Base and Open Source Software for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, NIJ-Sponsored, 2016, NCJ 249851. (54 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Error Rates for Latent Fingerprinting as a Function of Visual Complexity and Cognitive Difficulty, NIJ-Sponsored, 2016, NCJ 249890. (59 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Evaluation of a Multi-Faceted, U.S. Community-Based, Muslim-Led CVE Program, NIJ-Sponsored, 2016, NCJ 249936. (167 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Examining the Effects of Environmental Degradation on the Optical Properties of Manufactured Fibers of Natural Origin, NIJ-Sponsored, 2016, NCJ 249911. (37 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Improving the PDQ Database To Enhance Investigative Lead Information From Automotive Paints, NIJ-Sponsored, 2016, NCJ 249893. (91 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Office of Justice Programs Annual Report to Congress Fiscal Year 2013, OJP, 2016, NCJ 249783. (24 pages).
Role of Technology in Improving K-12 School Safety, NIJ-Sponsored, 2016, NCJ 249835. (148 pages).
Agency Abstract   PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Separation and Identification of Drugs by Electrospray Ionization-Ion Mobility Spectrometry-Mass Spectrometry (ESI-MS-MS), NIJ-Sponsored, 2016, NCJ 249852. (13 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 

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