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Texas' Project RIO (Re-Integration of Offenders), NIJ, 1998, NCJ 168637. (19 pages).
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Trends in Juvenile Violence in European Countries, NIJ, 1998, FS 000202.
Trial Strategies in Domestic Violence Felonies, NIJ-Sponsored, 1998, NCJ 194069. (31 pages).
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Unrealized Potential of DNA Testing, Research in Brief, NIJ, 1998, NCJ 170596. (8 pages).
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Victims of Fraud: Beyond Financial Loss, OVC, 1998, NCJ 170593.
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Victims' Rights Compliance Efforts: Experiences in Three States, OVC, 1998, NCJ 168099. (72 pages).
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The Watch Your Car Program, BJA, 1998, FS 000151.
Web Statistics -- Measuring User Activity: An Analysis of Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) Website Usage Statistics, BJS, 1998, NCJ 171118. (14 pages).
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Women in Criminal Justice: A Twenty Year Update: Special Report, OJP, 1998, NCJ 173416. (88 pages).
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Working With Victims of Crime With Disabilities, OVC, 1998, NCJ 172838. (16 pages).
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