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Policing Drug Hot Spots, NIJ, January 1996, FS 000128.
Predicting Pretrial Misconduct With Drug Tests of Arrestees: Evidence From Six Sites, Research in Brief, NIJ, January 1996, NCJ 157108. (6 pages).
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Victim Costs and Consequences: A New Look, NIJ, January 1996, NCJ 155282. (31 pages).
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Advanced State Award Program: National Criminal History Improvement Program; Program Announcement, BJS, 1995, NCJ 157795. (25 pages).
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Americans With Disabilities Act and Criminal Justice: Mental Disabilities and Corrections, NIJ, 1995, NCJ 155061. (7 pages).
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Boot Camp Drug Treatment and Aftercare Interventions: An Evaluation Review, Research in Brief, NIJ, 1995, NCJ 155062. (15 pages).
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Bureau of Justice Assistance Annual Report Fiscal Year 1994, BJA, 1995, NCJ 157663. (48 pages).
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Business Alliance Program: Creating Business and Community Partnerships, BJA, 1995, FS 000119.
Civil Rights and Criminal Justice: Primer on Sexual Harassment, NIJ, 1995, NCJ 156663. (7 pages).
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Community Policing Exchange, July/August 1995, OJP, 1995.

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