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  • How can I receive immediate assistance from NCJRS?
    Use the NCJRS Live Assistance feature to web chat live with an NCJRS Information Specialist. NCJRS L... Read More
    Last Updated: May 14, 2012

  • How do I become a registered customer?
    You can become a registered user of NCJRS services by visiting the Subscribe/Register section of our... Read More
    Last Updated: March 17, 2009

  • Why did I receive a message saying "Your membership to JUSTINFO has been put on hold"?
    This occurs when a JUSTINFO email message is either bounced by an email system (for instance, when a... Read More
    Last Updated: September 13, 2013

  • What if I forgot my password for updating my NCJRS account?
    If you forgot your NCJRS password, you may obtain it via e-mail by clicking the "Forgot/Lost Passwor... Read More
    Last Updated: July 1, 2009

  • How do I update my profile?
    You can update your profile by going to the Login page and entering your e-mail address and password... Read More
    Last Updated: March 20, 2009

  • What can I do if I forgot my NCJRS password?
    You can obtain your password by clicking on the "Forgot/Lost Password" button on the Manage Account ... Read More
    Last Updated: March 20, 2009

  • How do I unsubscribe from NCJRS services?
    To unsubscribe from NCJRS services, please visit the Manage Account page on our Web site. From here,... Read More
    Last Updated: November 3, 2011

  • How can I change the font/text size on the NCJRS Web site?
    You can change the size of the font/text as it appears on the NCJRS site by using your Internet brow... Read More
    Last Updated: February 8, 2010

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Last updated on:September 13, 2013