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  • How can I find out if a sex offender is living in my neighborhood?
    To obtain information about or locate sex offenders in a specific area, please visit the Dru Sjodin ... Read More
    Last Updated: January 31, 2013

  • What is Megan's Law?
    Megan's Law, signed by President Clinton in May 1996, amends the Jacob Wetterling Act to require sta... Read More
    Last Updated: September 18, 2017

  • Are residency restrictions placed upon sex offenders successful at reducing rates of reoffending?
    Information on the impact of residency restrictions placed upon sex offenders is available in Evalua... Read More
    Last Updated: April 16, 2019

  • Where can I learn about federal legislation relating to sex offenders?
    Information on federal sex offender legislation is available on the Legislation section of the Offic... Read More
    Last Updated: April 28, 2017

April 16, 2019