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  • Where can I find a listing of universities and colleges that have criminal justice programs?
    You can access information about schools that offer degrees and programs in criminal justice by visi... Read More
    Last Updated: April 5, 2011

  • What legal services are available to inmates?
    Private attorneys or your local Legal Aid Society provide legal assistance for inmates. Examples of ... Read More
    Last Updated: June 8, 2015

  • Where can I find an overview of the United States' legal system?
    An overview of the United States legal system is provided in the Department of State publication, An... Read More
    Last Updated: June 21, 2013

  • What is bail?
    According to Justice 101, a resource from the Offices of the United States Attorneys, bail is define... Read More
    Last Updated: May 16, 2014

  • Can I order the American Bar Association's (ABA) Juvenile Justice Standards from NCJRS?
    The American Bar Association's (ABA) Juvenile Justice Standards are available to view and order onli... Read More
    Last Updated: April 12, 2017

  • Where can I find information on "alternatives to incarceration" programs?
    The Courts: Alternatives to Incarceration section of the NCJRS website provides a comprehensive list... Read More
    Last Updated: December 29, 2011

  • Where can I find resources on court security?
    You can view information and resources concerning court security on the Security and the Courts Reso... Read More
    Last Updated: May 30, 2008

  • Who do I contact about filing a complaint against an attorney?
    If you wish to file a complaint against an attorney, contact the Bar Association in your state. A st... Read More
    Last Updated: September 5, 2019

  • How do I obtain a lawyer for civil cases?
    The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) funds civil legal aid programs around the nation to help Americ... Read More
    Last Updated: February 8, 2011

  • Where can I learn about the "CSI Effect?"
    Information on the "CSI Effect" is available in the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Journal arti... Read More
    Last Updated: May 11, 2015

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September 5, 2019