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Civil Justice


  • Aside from compensation, how can I recover financial loss due to a violent crime?
    Some victims of crime file a civil suit against their offender or a third party to try to recover fi... Read More
    Last Updated: September 3, 2019

  • Are resources available to those who want to represent themselves in court?
    The National Center for State Courts has developed the online Self-Representation Resource Guide, wh... Read More
    Last Updated: September 18, 2017

  • Where can I get legal assistance?
    The Find Legal Help section of the American Bar Association (ABA) website is a tool you can utilize ... Read More
    Last Updated: February 8, 2011

  • Who can assist me when I'm not receiving child support payments that are due to me?
    Your State Child Support Enforcement (State CSE) Office can assist with child support enforcement is... Read More
    Last Updated: April 12, 2017

  • Where can I find an overview of the United States' legal system?
    An overview of the United States legal system is provided in the Department of State publication, An... Read More
    Last Updated: June 21, 2013

  • Who do I contact about filing a complaint against an attorney?
    If you wish to file a complaint against an attorney, contact the Bar Association in your state. A st... Read More
    Last Updated: September 5, 2019

  • How do I obtain a lawyer for civil cases?
    The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) funds civil legal aid programs around the nation to help Americ... Read More
    Last Updated: February 8, 2011

September 5, 2019