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  • Is there a truly free method of obtaining my credit reports? Some companies advertise "free" credit reports, however these services come with fees or the purchase of other services.
    The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires each of the nationwide consumer reporting companies - ... Read More
    Last Updated: November 23, 2011

  • Where can I learn about the Italian mafia?
    Information about the Italian mafia is available in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) online... Read More
    Last Updated: November 21, 2011

  • Are resources available on the different theories of criminological behavior?
    Resources on theories of criminological behavior are available in the NCJRS Abstracts Database. Simp... Read More
    Last Updated: December 31, 2012

  • How many accidental deaths are caused by firearms?
    Data on accidental deaths caused by firearms can be found in the Mortality Data section of the Cente... Read More
    Last Updated: December 21, 2012

  • Where can I find statistics on school violence?
    The following resources contain information about violence and safety in school settings: School Safety: By the Numbers, National Institute of Justice... Read More
    Last Updated: January 17, 2018

  • What is the Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Grant Program (AEAP)?
    The Office for Victims of Crime uses AEAP to help jurisdictions respond to victims’ immediate and on... Read More
    Last Updated: November 8, 2018

  • I am the victim of a crime committed by a removable alien. Where can I get help?
    Contact the Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) Office within U.S. Immigration and Custo... Read More
    Last Updated: April 4, 2018

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