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Trafficking in Persons


  • Can you help me locate resources on trafficking of children?
    Information on child trafficking victims is available in Trafficking in Persons Report, a publicatio... Read More
    Last Updated: August 5, 2014

  • What is the total number of human trafficking victims worldwide?
    Although it is difficult to measure the magnitude of human trafficking, the International Labour Org... Read More
    Last Updated: July 9, 2015

  • How do I report human trafficking?
    Call 1-888-373-7888 (toll-free) or text BeFree (233733) to the National Human Trafficking Resource C... Read More
    Last Updated: April 3, 2014

  • How can I obtain a copy of the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) video, Victims of Trafficking: Far From Home and Helpless, NCJ 182334?
    Due to a release agreement signed by the victims appearing in this video and U.S. Department of Just... Read More
    Last Updated: April 3, 2014

  • What type of protection does the U.S. Department of Justice provide to trafficking victims?
    Information for trafficking victims is available in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) brochu... Read More
    Last Updated: March 30, 2011

  • What steps are being taken by the Federal government to combat human trafficking?
    Information on government efforts to combat human trafficking can be found in the following annual r... Read More
    Last Updated: June 21, 2013

  • How do I find statistics on your Web site?
    To locate statistical resources on our Web site, you can conduct an advanced search, view the A-Z To... Read More
    Last Updated: March 31, 2015

  • We want to develop an anti-human trafficking task force in our region. Where do we start?
    Begin by reviewing the Human Trafficking Task Force e-Guide, an online guide that provides practical... Read More
    Last Updated: July 9, 2015

July 9, 2015