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Substance Abuse Indicators

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  • Alcohol and Crime: An Analysis of National Data on the Prevalence of Alcohol Involvement in Crime, BJS, April 1998, NCJ 168632. (47 pages).
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  • Drug Identification and Testing in the Juvenile Justice System: Summary, OJJDP, May 1998, NCJ 167889. (90 pages).
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  • Substance Abuse and Treatment of Adults on Probation, 1995, BJS, March 1998, NCJ 166611. (15 pages).
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  • Prevalence and Consequences of Child Victimization: Results from the National Survey of Adolescents, Final Report, NIJ-Sponsored, 1997, NCJ 181028. (113 pages).
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  • Crack, Powder Cocaine, and Heroin: Drug Purchase and Use Patterns in Six U.S. Cities, NIJ, December 1997, NCJ 167265. (45 pages).
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  • Rise of Hallucinogen Use, NIJ, October 1997, NCJ 166607. (11 pages).
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  • Crack's Decline: Some Surprises Across U.S. Cities, Research in Brief, NIJ, July 1997, NCJ 165707. (13 pages).
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  • Drug Use Forecasting: Annual Report on Adult and Juvenile Arrestees, NIJ, June 1997, NCJ 165691. (72 pages).
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  • Hair Assays and Urinalysis Results For Juvenile Drug Offenders, NIJ, April 1997, FS 000171.
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  • Methamphetamine Use Among Arrestees: Findings From the Drug Use Forecasting (DUF) Program, Research in Brief, NIJ, November 1996, NCJ 161842. (8 pages).
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