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  • Millimeter Wave High Resolution Radar for Stand-Off Concealed Weapon Detection, NIJ-Sponsored, November 2009, NCJ 237567. (57 pages).
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  • Test Methodologies for the Assessment of Less-Lethal Kinetic Energy Rounds, NIJ-Sponsored, March 2009, NCJ 236950. (38 pages).
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  • Double Strand Break Repair of Highly Damaged DNA, NIJ-Sponsored, October 2009, NCJ 236690. (98 pages).
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  • Improving the Efficiency of DNA Casework Analysis through Simple, Effective, PCR-based Screening Methods, NIJ-Sponsored, 2009, NCJ 236689. (116 pages).
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  • What Works in Offender Supervision, NIJ, June 2009, NCJ 235766. (12 pages).
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  • Report on the Seventh International Law Enforcement Forum - Minimal Force Options and Less-Lethal Technologies, NIJ-Sponsored, October 2009, NCJ 235123. (121 pages).
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  • Sexual Assault: Obtaining DNA From Evidence Collected up to a Week Later - Panel at the 2009 NIJ Conference, NIJ, June 2009, NCJ 235106. (10 pages).
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  • DNA Evidence and Property Crimes - Expert Chat Webinar, NIJ and Harvard's Government Innovators Network, NIJ-Sponsored, February 2009, NCJ 234724. (4 pages).
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  • Impact of SANE Programs on Adult Sexual Assault Investigation and Prosecution - Presentation to NIJ, NIJ, March 2009, NCJ 234723. (13 pages).
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  • Is It Old Age, Abuse or Homicide? Using Forensic Markers and Technology To Detect Elder Abuse and Neglect - Panel discussion at the 2009 NIJ Conference, NIJ, June 2009, NCJ 234712. (2 pages).
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October 21, 2016