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  • Cost-Benefit of Point-of-Contact (POC) Versus Non-POC Firearm Eligibility Background Checks, BJS-Sponsored, 2003, NCJ 222674. (80 pages).
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  • Governments' Management of Private Prisons, NIJ-Sponsored, September 2003, NCJ 203968. (139 pages).
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  • Detailed Cost Analysis in a Mature Drug Court Setting: A Cost-Benefit Evaluation of the Multnomah County Drug Court, NIJ-Sponsored, July 2003, NCJ 203558. (120 pages).
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  • Dispensing Justice Locally: The Impact, Costs and Benefits of The Midtown Community Court, NIJ-Sponsored, 2002, NCJ 196397. (364 pages).
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  • Criminal Justice 2000, Volume 4: Measurement and Analysis of Crime and Justice, NIJ, 2000, NCJ 182411. (608 pages).
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  • Exploratory Analysis of Client Outcomes, Costs, and Benefits of Day Reporting Centers -- Final Report, NIJ-Sponsored, March 2000, NCJ 182365. (37 pages).
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  • Connecticut's Alternative Sanctions Program: $619 Million Saved in Estimated Capital and Operating Costs, BJA, 1998, NCJ 172870. (15 pages).
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  • Extent and Costs of Crime Victimization: A New Look, NIJ, January 1996, NCJ 184372. (2 pages).
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  • Victim Costs and Consequences: A New Look, NIJ, January 1996, NCJ 155282. (31 pages).
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  • The Costs of Crime to Victims, BJS, February 1994, NCJ 145865. (3 pages).
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December 21, 2017