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Juvenile Justice

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  • Assessment of a Multi-Agency Approach to Drug Involved Gang Members, NIJ-Sponsored, June 1996, NCJ 185252. (97 pages).
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  • Assessing the Exposure of Urban Youth to Violence, NIJ, November 1996, NCJ 184414. (2 pages).
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  • New Immigrant Hispanic Population: An Integrated Approach to Preventing Delinquency and Crime, NIJ, 1996, NCJ 184410. (3 pages).
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  • Coordinating Criminal and Juvenile Court Proceedings in Child Maltreatment Cases, NIJ, October 1996, NCJ 184346. (3 pages).
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  • Cycle of Violence Revisited, NIJ, 1996, NCJ 184206. (4 pages).
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  • B.J. Learns About Federal and Tribal Court: Instructors Guide, OVC, December 1996, NCJ 183473. (12 pages).
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  • Fact-Finding Report on Community Assessment Centers (CACs): Final Report, OJJDP-Sponsored, June 1996, NCJ 180609. (63 pages).
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  • Female Gang Involvement in a Midwestern City: Correlates, Nature and Meanings, NIJ-Sponsored, December 1996, NCJ 179979. (453 pages).
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  • Juvenile Boot Camps: Lessons Learned, OJJDP, June 1996, NCJ 176463. (2 pages).
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  • Trends in Juvenile Violence: A Report to the United States Attorney General on Current and Future Rates of Juvenile Offending, BJS, November 1996, NCJ 170379. (18 pages).
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