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  • Children Exposed to Violence: Criminal Justice Resources, OVC, 1999, NCJ 176984. (12 pages).
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  • Breaking the Cycle of Violence: Recommendations to Improve the Criminal Justice System Response to Child Victims and Witnesses, OVC, June 1999, NCJ 176983. (32 pages).
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  • It Ain't Love, Spanish Version, (Videotape), BJA, January 1998, NCJ 176327.

  • Prenatal and Early Childhood Nurse Home Visitation, OJJDP, November 1998, NCJ 172875. (12 pages).
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  • It Ain't Love, (Videotape), BJA, January 1998, NCJ 171653.
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  • Prevalence and Consequences of Child Victimization: Results from the National Survey of Adolescents, Final Report, NIJ-Sponsored, 1997, NCJ 181028. (113 pages).
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  • Family Violence in America: Breaking the Cycle for Children Who Witness: Recommendations from the 1997 IACP Summit, NIJ-Sponsored, 1997, NCJ 177992. (54 pages).
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  • Efforts by Child Welfare Agencies to Address Domestic Violence: The Experiences of Five Communities, NIJ-Sponsored, 1997, NCJ 166054. (158 pages).
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  • In the Wake of Childhood Maltreatment, OJJDP, August 1997, NCJ 165257. (16 pages).
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  • Child Development-Community Policing: Partnership in a Climate of Violence, OJJDP, March 1997, NCJ 164380. (8 pages).
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