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Law Enforcement

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  • One Week in Heron City: A Case Study (Case A), NIJ, September 2009, NCJ 227664. (18 pages).
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  • Enforcement of the Brady Act, 2007: Federal and State Investigations and Prosecutions of Firearm Applicants Denied by a NICS Check in 2007, BJS-Sponsored, May 2009, NCJ 227604. (16 pages).
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  • Learning From 9/11: Organizational Change in the New York City and Arlington County, Va., Police Departments, NIJ, October 2009, NCJ 227346. (32 pages).
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  • Geography and Public Safety: A Quarterly Bulletin of Applied Geography for the Study of Crime & Public Safety, Volume 2, Issue 1, COPS, NIJ, May 2009, NCJ 227213. (16 pages).
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  • Electronic Crime Scene Investigation: An On-the-Scene Reference for First Responders, NIJ, November 2009, NCJ 227050. (50 pages).
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  • Law Enforcement Responses to People with Mental Illnesses: A Guide to Research-Informed Policy and Practice, BJA-Sponsored, May 2009, NCJ 226965. (36 pages).
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  • Project Safe Neighborhoods - A National Program to Reduce Gun Crime: Final Project Report, NIJ-Sponsored, February 2009, NCJ 226686. (358 pages).
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  • Aviation Units in Large Law Enforcement Agencies, 2007, BJS, July 2009, NCJ 226672. (24 pages).
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  • Step-by-Step Practitioner Toolkit for Evaluating the Work of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Programs in the Criminal Justice System, NIJ-Sponsored, January 2009, NCJ 226499. (145 pages).
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  • Systems Change Analysis of SANE Programs: Identifying the Mediating Mechanisms of Criminal Justice System Impact: Project Summary, NIJ-Sponsored, January 2009, NCJ 226498. (25 pages).
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August 3, 2015