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Law Enforcement

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  • Smart Radio for Police, NIJ, May 2009, NCJ 224253. (2 pages).
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  • State and Local Law Enforcement Training Academies, 2006, BJS, February 2009, NCJ 222987. (15 pages).
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  • Strategies for Disrupting Illegal Firearms Markets: A Case Study of Los Angeles, NIJ-Sponsored, 2008, NCJ 241135. (92 pages).
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  • Evaluation and Application of Polynomial Texture Mapping (PTM) in the area of Shoe/Tire Impression Evidence, NIJ-Sponsored, September 2008, NCJ 240591. (33 pages).
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  • Improving 21st Century Policing Through Priority Research: The IACP's National Law Enforcement Research Agenda, NIJ-Sponsored, September 2008, NCJ 237968. (32 pages).
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  • Effect of TASER on Cardiac, Respiratory and Metabolic Physiology in Human Subjects, NIJ-Sponsored, April 2008, NCJ 236947. (29 pages).
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  • Sexual Violence and Evidence Collection - Expert Chat Webinar, NIJ and Harvard's Government Innovators Network, NIJ-Sponsored, August 2008, NCJ 234727. (5 pages).
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  • Device for Mechanically Folding Yarns and Woven Fabrics of Ballistic Fibers, NIJ-Sponsored, January 2008, NCJ 234316. (4 pages).
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  • Fiscal Year 2007 Report on the Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program, NIJ, August 2008, NCJ 233977. (16 pages).
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  • Report on the Sixth International Law Enforcement Forum: Minimal Force Options and Less-Lethal Technologies, NIJ-Sponsored, August 2008, NCJ 232755. (109 pages).
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