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  • COPS on Dots Doing What? The Differential Effects of Police Enforcement Actions in Hot Spots, NIJ-Sponsored, July 2015, NCJ 249880. (312 pages).
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  • Evaluating a Researcher-Practitioner Partnership and Field Experiment, NIJ-Sponsored, July 2015, NCJ 249807. (10 pages).
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  • Assessing the Effects of Hot Spots Policing Strategies on Police Legitimacy, Crime, and Collective Efficacy, NIJ-Sponsored, June 2015, NCJ 249747. (36 pages).
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  • Kansas City, Missouri Smart Policing Initiative: From Foot Patrol to Focused Deterrence, BJA-Sponsored, December 2015, NCJ 249641. (20 pages).
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  • New Perspectives in Policing: Papers from the Harvard Executive Session on Policing and Public Safety (Volume 2), NIJ, September 2015, NCJ 249580.
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  • Strengthening Law Enforcement-Community Relations, NIJ, September 2015, NCJ 249546. (6 pages).
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  • Protecting Children of Arrested Parents: Steps for Developing and Implementing an Effective Policy, BJA-Sponsored, January 2015, NCJ 249213. (4 pages).
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  • Safeguarding Children at the Time of Parental Arrest: Law Enforcement Pre-Arrest/Arrest Checklist, BJA-Sponsored, May 2015, NCJ 249212. (2 pages).
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  • Body-Worn Camera Program Fact Sheet, BJA, September 2015, NCJ 249171. (2 pages).
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  • Pursuit Management: Fleeing Vehicle Tagging and Tracking Technology, NIJ-Sponsored, 2015, NCJ 249156. (58 pages).
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June 22, 2018