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  • Violence Against American Indian and Alaska Native Women and the Criminal Justice Response: What Is Known, NIJ-Sponsored, 2008, NCJ 223691. (168 pages).
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  • Victim Impact: Listen and Learn, (DVD), OVC, September 2008, NCJ 223072.
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  • Children's Justice Act Partnerships for Indian Communities, OVC, June 2008, FS 000314.

  • Black Victims of Violent Crime, BJS, August 2007, NCJ 214258. (12 pages).
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  • Sexual Assault in Maryland: The African American Experience, NIJ-Sponsored, 2006, NCJ 217617. (106 pages).
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  • Intimate Partner Violence Against AHTNA (Alaska Native) Women in the Copper River Basin, Final Report, NIJ-Sponsored, July 2006, NCJ 215350. (78 pages).
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  • Voices of Victims: American Indian Issues and the Tribal and Criminal Justice System, (Videotape), OVC, October 2006, NCJ 213810.
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  • Results from the Southern Ute Indian Community Safety Survey, Final Report, BJS-Sponsored, December 2005, NCJ 212237. (114 pages).
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  • Reaching and Serving Teen Victims: A Practical Handbook, OVC-Sponsored, 2005, NCJ 211701. (42 pages).
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  • Child Sexual Abuse on New Mexico Tribal Land, 1999-2004, BJS-Sponsored, November 2004, NCJ 212236. (22 pages).
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September 13, 2018