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  • Supportive Housing for the Disabled Reentry Population: The District of Columbia Frequent Users Service Enhancement Pilot, BJA-Sponsored, December 2011, NCJ 237150. (78 pages).
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  • Impact of Concentrated Re-entry and Katrina as a Natural Experiment - Interview With Dr. David Kirk, NIJ, October 2011, NCJ 236840. (2 pages).
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  • Going Home (or Not): How Residential Change Might Help Former Offenders Stay Out of Prison - NIJ Research for the Real World Seminar, NIJ, October 2011, NCJ 236839. (10 pages).
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  • Final Technical Report: Neighborhoods, Recidivism, and Employment Among Returning Prisoners, NIJ-Sponsored, October 2011, NCJ 236436. (132 pages).
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  • Outcomes of a Randomized Trial of an Intensive Community Corrections Program - Day Reporting Centers - For Parolees, NIJ-Sponsored, August 2011, NCJ 236080. (53 pages).
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  • Probation and Parole in the United States, 2010, BJS, November 2011, NCJ 236019. (52 pages).
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  • Reconsidering the Project Greenlight Intervention: Why Thinking About Risk Matters, NIJ, October 2011, NCJ 235890. (6 pages).
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  • National Summit on Justice Reinvestment and Public Safety: Addressing Recidivism, Crime, and Corrections Spending, BJA-Sponsored, January 2011, NCJ 235762. (98 pages).
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  • Mental and Substance Use Disorders Among Adult Men on Probation or Parole: Some Success Against a Persistent Challenge, NIJ, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, May 2011, NCJ 235637. (16 pages).
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  • Why Ask About Family?: By Looking Beyond the Individual to Families and Social Supports, Corrections Officers Can Help Improve Public Safety and Other Outcomes, BJA-Sponsored, 2011, NCJ 235254. (8 pages).
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July 30, 2015