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  • Implementing Performance-Based Measures in Community Corrections, Research in Brief, NIJ, June 1996, NCJ 158836. (7 pages).
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  • National Survey of Aftercare Provisions for Boot Camp Graduates, Research in Brief, NIJ, May 1996, NCJ 157664. (15 pages).
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  • Boot Camps for Juvenile Offenders: An Implementation Evaluation of Three Demonstration Programs, Research in Brief, NIJ, 1996, NCJ 157317. (9 pages).
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  • Inventory of Aftercare Provisions for Fifty-Two Boot Camp Programs, NIJ, January 1996, NCJ 157104. (147 pages).
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  • YES: Youth Environmental Service Initiative, OJJDP, June 1996, FS 9530. (2 pages).

  • Bureau of Justice Assistance Annual Report Fiscal Year 1994, BJA, 1995, NCJ 157663. (48 pages).
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  • Boot Camp Drug Treatment and Aftercare Interventions: An Evaluation Review, Research in Brief, NIJ, 1995, NCJ 155062. (15 pages).
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  • Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities, BJA, November 1995, FS 000044.
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  • What Works: Promising Interventions in Juvenile Justice, Program Report, OJJDP, October 1994, NCJ 150858. (258 pages).
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  • Juvenile Intensive Supervision: Planning Guide, OJJDP, OJJDP-Sponsored, October 1994, NCJ 150065. (95 pages).
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