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  • Trends in Juvenile Violence: 1997 Update, BJS, November 1997, NCJ 170377. (8 pages).
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  • Strategies for Reducing Homicide: The Comprehensive Homicide Initiative in Richmond, California, BJA, 1997, NCJ 168100. (43 pages).
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  • When Will They Ever Learn? Educating to End Domestic Violence - A Law School Report, OVC, 1997, NCJ 168098. (123 pages).
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  • OJP Family Violence Working Group: A Report to the Assistant Attorney General, Office of Justice Programs, OJP, March 1997, NCJ 167569. (68 pages).
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  • Crack, Powder Cocaine, and Heroin: Drug Purchase and Use Patterns in Six U.S. Cities, NIJ, December 1997, NCJ 167265. (45 pages).
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  • National Evaluation of G.R.E.A.T., NIJ, November 1997, NCJ 167264. (8 pages).
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  • Study of Homicide in Eight U.S. Cities: An NIJ Intramural Research Project, Research in Brief, NIJ, November 1997, NCJ 167263. (11 pages).
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  • Homicide in Eight U.S. Cities: Trends, Context, and Policy Implications, Research in Brief, NIJ, December 1997, NCJ 167262. (153 pages).
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  • Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume IV, Number 2 (Making a Difference Issue), OJJDP, December 1997, NCJ 166823. (32 pages).
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  • Improving the Nation's Criminal Justice System: Findings and Results From State and Local Program Evaluations: Effective Programs Monograph No. 1, BJA, 1997, NCJ 166822. (54 pages).
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