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  • The Greenbook Initiative Final Evaluation Report, NIJ-Sponsored, January 2011, NCJ 233290. (123 pages).
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  • Extending the Time to Collect DNA in Sexual Assault Cases, NIJ, March 2011, NCJ 233285. (6 pages).
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  • Solving the Problem of Untested Evidence in Sexual Assaults, NIJ, March 2011, NCJ 233284. (3 pages).
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  • Toward a Better Way to Interview Child Victims of Sexual Abuse, NIJ, March 2011, NCJ 233282. (4 pages).
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  • The Road Ahead: Unanalyzed Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases, NIJ, May 2011, NCJ 233279. (21 pages).
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  • Workplace Violence, 1993-2009, BJS, March 2011, NCJ 233231. (18 pages).
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  • SART Toolkit: Resources for Sexual Assault Response Teams, OVC, March 2011, NCJ 232786.
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  • Test Results for Mobile Device Acquisition Tool: Mobilyze 1.1, NIJ, January 2011, NCJ 232744. (36 pages).
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  • Reducing Drinking Among Underage Air Force Members in Five Communities, OJJDP, August 2011, NCJ 232616. (12 pages).
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  • Victims with Disabilities: Collaborative, Multidisciplinary First Response: Techniques for First Responders Called to Help Crime Victims Who Have Disabilities, (DVD), OVC, January 2011, NCJ 231932. (70 pages).
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May 27, 2015