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  • Survey of Practitioners to Assess the Local Impact of Transnational Crime, Task Order, NIJ-Sponsored, 2003, NCJ 217587. (107 pages).
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  • Informal Value Transfer Systems, Terrorism and Money Laundering, NIJ-Sponsored, November 2003, NCJ 208301. (137 pages).
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  • Inventory and Assessment of Databases Relevant for Social Science Research on Terrorism, NIJ, November 2003, NCJ 203732. (23 pages).
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  • Meeting the Needs of the Victims of the September 11th Terrorist Attacks: Department of Defense Appropriations Act of 2002, Report to Congress April 2003, OVC, April 2003, NCJ 200377. (18 pages).
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  • State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training Program, BJA, March 2002, NCJ 192165. (4 pages).
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  • Providing Relief to Families After a Mass Fatality: Roles of the Medical Examiner's Office and the Family Assistance Center, OVC, November 2002, NCJ 188912. (19 pages).
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  • American Terrorism Study: Patterns of Behavior, Investigation and Prosecution of American Terrorists, Final Report, NIJ-Sponsored, 2001, NCJ 193420. (45 pages).
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  • Manual de la OVC para Ayudarlo a Superar el Impacto Emocional de Actos Terroristas (Spanish version of OVC Handbook for Coping After Terrorism: A Guide to Healing and Recovery), OVC, September 2001, NCJ 193144. (13 pages).
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  • Responding to Terrorism Victims: Oklahoma City and Beyond, OVC, 2000, NCJ 183949. (62 pages).
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  • Inventory of State and Local Law Enforcement Technology Needs To Combat Terrorism, Research in Brief, NIJ, January 1999, NCJ 173384. (6 pages).
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February 14, 2018