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  • Voices From the Field: How California Stakeholders View Public Safety Realignment, Working Paper, NIJ-Sponsored, January 2014, NCJ 247087. (245 pages).
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  • Follow the Money: How California Counties Are Spending Their Public Safety Realignment Funds, NIJ-Sponsored, January 2014, NCJ 247086. (100 pages).
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  • Assessing Judicial Sentencing Preferences After Public Safety Realignment: A Survey of California Judges, NIJ-Sponsored, January 2014, NCJ 247085. (143 pages).
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  • Voices from the Field: How California Stakeholders View Public Safety Realignment, NIJ-Sponsored, January 2014, NCJ 247084. (14 pages).
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  • Using Trauma-Informed Practices To Enhance Safety and Security in Women's Correctional Facilities, BJA-Sponsored, May 2014, NCJ 247063. (23 pages).
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  • Growth of Incarceration in the United States: Exploring Causes and Consequences, NIJ-Sponsored, 2014, NCJ 246483. (464 pages).
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  • Preventing and Addressing Sexual Abuse in Tribal Detention Facilities: The Impact of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), BJA-Sponsored, January 2014, NCJ 245428. (158 pages).
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  • PREA: What You Need To Know (Inmate Education Facilitator's Guide), BJA-Sponsored, February 2014, NCJ 245427. (35 pages).
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  • Survey of Sexual Violence in Adult Correctional Facilities, 2009-11 - Statistical Tables, BJS, January 2014, NCJ 244227. (60 pages).
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  • Through Their Eyes: How Prisoners Make Sense of Their Incarceration, NIJ, March 2014, NCJ 244149. (6 pages).
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January 11, 2018