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  • Salt Lake County, Utah: A County Justice and Behavioral Health Systems Improvement Project, BJA-Sponsored, September 2015, NCJ 249154. (20 pages).

  • Effect of Solitary Confinement on Institutional Misconduct: A Longitudinal Evaluation, NIJ-Sponsored, 2015, NCJ 249013. (198 pages).
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  • Prisoners in 2014, BJS, September 2015, NCJ 248955.
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  • Time Difference of Arrival System for Cell Phone Localization in Correctional Facilities, NIJ-Sponsored, 2015, NCJ 248828. (72 pages).
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  • PREA Data Collection Activities, 2015, BJS, June 2015, NCJ 248824. (5 pages).
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  • Mortality in Local Jails and State Prisons, 2000-2013 - Statistical Tables, BJS, August 2015, NCJ 248756. (41 pages).
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  • Keeping Vulnerable Populations Safe Under PREA: Alternative Strategies to the Use of Segregation in Prisons and Jails, BJA-Sponsored, April 2015, NCJ 248748. (23 pages).
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  • In Brief: Examining the Changing Racial Composition of Three States' Prison Populations, BJA-Sponsored, March 2015, NCJ 248690. (8 pages).
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  • Jail Inmates at Midyear 2014, BJS, June 2015, NCJ 248629. (1 pages).
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  • Fostering Innovation in Community and Institutional Corrections, Identifying High-Priority Technology and Other Needs for the U.S. Corrections Sector, NIJ-Sponsored, 2015, NCJ 248580. (161 pages).
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October 5, 2015