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  • What is less-lethal technology?
    Less-lethal technology devices serve to minimize the risk of death and injury to public safety offic... Read More
    Last Updated: October 29, 2016

  • How do I subscribe to TechBeat?
    TechBeat is a newsmagazine from the Justice Technology Information Center (JTIC), a component of the... Read More
    Last Updated: September 11, 2017

  • Is information on electronic monitoring of offenders available?
    See the Electronic Monitoring Technologies section of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) site f... Read More
    Last Updated: July 13, 2017

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  • How Research Is Translated to Policy and Practice in the Criminal Justice System, NIJ, September 2018, NCJ 252047. (3 pages).
    PDF  HTML  NCJRS Abstract   

  • A New Role for Technology: The Impact of Video Visitation, NIJ-Sponsored, January 2018, NCJ 251582. (10 pages).
    PDF  NCJRS Abstract   

  • TECHBeat, November 2017, NIJ-Sponsored, November 2017, NCJ 251431. (10 pages).
    PDF  HTML  NCJRS Abstract   

  • Managed Access Systems Can Prevent Contraband Cellphone Use, NIJ, July 2017, NCJ 250952. (2 pages).
    HTML  NCJRS Abstract   

  • Contraband Detection Devices, What the Market Has to Offer, NIJ, July 2017, NCJ 250940. (2 pages).
    HTML  NCJRS Abstract   

  • Minimum Scheme Requirements to Certify Criminal Justice Restraints Described in NIJ Standard 1001.00, NIJ, July 2017, NCJ 250566. (8 pages).
    PDF  NCJRS Abstract   

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