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  • How many children are sexually abused in the United States?
    Child sexual abuse statistics are available in the Department of Health and Human Services' annual r... Read More
    Last Updated: August 26, 2015

  • How many women are raped each year in the U.S.?
    Data on rapes that occur in the U.S. are available in Criminal Victimization in the United States: S... Read More
    Last Updated: April 2, 2014

  • What risk factors are associated with juveniles who commit sex offenses?
    Information on the risk factors associated with juveniles who commit sex offenses is available in th... Read More
    Last Updated: December 28, 2016

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  • The NIJ-FBI Sexual Assault Kit Partnership -- A Research Initiative for Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits, NIJ, January 2016, NCJ 251587. (3 pages).
    HTML  NCJRS Abstract   

  • Untested Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases, NIJ, March 2016, NCJ 251588. (6 pages).
    HTML  NCJRS Abstract   

  • NIJ Journal No. 279, NIJ, April 2018, NCJ 250696. (35 pages).
    PDF  HTML   

  • Forensic Evidence and Criminal Justice Outcomes in Sexual Assault Cases, NIJ, April 2018, NCJ 251648. (2 pages).

  • Cold Case CODIS Hit Review and Investigation: Additional Strategies for Sexual Assault Investigators, BJA-Sponsored, September 2017, NCJ 251623. (2 pages).

  • Prioritizing Cold Case CODIS Hit Follow-up: Strategies for Sexual Assault Investigators, BJA-Sponsored, February 2018, NCJ 251624. (3 pages).

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