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  • What is the national juvenile recidivism rate?
    According to Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 2014 National Report, a report funded by the Office of ... Read More
    Last Updated: February 27, 2015

  • What is the national recidivism rate for adult offenders?
    A summary of findings from Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) recidivism studies is available via th... Read More
    Last Updated: October 17, 2014

  • Does correctional education impact recidivism rates?
    The Correctional Education Association (CEA) completed a study called Three State Recidivism Study, ... Read More
    Last Updated: March 24, 2014

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  • Child Support, Debt, and Prisoner Reentry: Examining the Influences of Prisoners' Legal and Financial Obligations on Reentry,  NIJ-Sponsored, February 2015, NCJ 248906. (84 pages).

  • Labor Force Participation and Crime Among Serious and Violent Former Prisoners,  NIJ-Sponsored, May 2015, NCJ 248831. (181 pages).
    PDF  NCJRS Abstract   

  • Justice Reinvestment in Alabama: Analysis and Policy Framework,  BJA-Sponsored, March 2015, NCJ 248742. (32 pages).
    PDF  NCJRS Abstract   

  • Justice Reinvestment in Nebraska: Analysis and Policy Framework,  BJA-Sponsored, January 2015, NCJ 248611. (30 pages).
    PDF  NCJRS Abstract   

  • Justice Reinvestment in Washington: Analysis and Policy Framework,  BJA-Sponsored, January 2015, NCJ 248612. (32 pages).
    PDF  NCJRS Abstract   

  • Finding Work: A Smartphone Study of Job Searching, Social Contacts, and Wellbeing after Prison,  NIJ-Sponsored, September 2014, NCJ 248487. (171 pages).
    PDF  NCJRS Abstract   Add to Shopping cart  Find in a Library

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