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101.  Firearms Theft in New Zealand -- Lessons for Crime and Injury Prevention
NCJ Number   173107
Author: P Alpers; R Walters
Journal Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology  Volume31  Issue1  DatedApril 1998  Pages85-95
Publication Date: 1998
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102.  Anti-Gang and Youth Violence Act of 1997
NCJ Number   173126
Publication Date: 1997
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103.  Criminal Activity and Assault-type Handguns: A Study of Young Adults
NCJ Number   173397
Author: G J Wintemute; M A Wright; C A Parham; C M Drake; J J Beaumont
Journal Annals of Emergency Medicine  Volume32  Issue1  DatedJuly 1998  Pages44-50
Publication Date: 1998
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104.  Impact of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban: 1994-96, Research in Brief
NCJ Number   173405
Author: J A Roth; C S Koper
Publication Date: 1999
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105.  Fighting Back: Crime, Self-Defense, and the Right to Carry a Handgun
NCJ Number   173562
Author: J R Snyder
Publication Date: 1997
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106.  School House Hype: School Shootings and the Real Risks Kids Face in America
NCJ Number   173780
Author: E Donohue; V Schiraldi; J Ziedenberg
Publication Date: 1998
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107.  Survey of State Procedures Related to Firearm Sales, 1997
NCJ Number   173942
Publication Date: December 1998
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108.  Promising Strategies To Reduce Gun Violence
NCJ Number   173950
Author: David Sheppard
Publication Date: 1999
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109.  Tailoring Law Enforcement Responses to Youth Violence
NCJ Number   173958
Author: Terry Dunworth Ph.D.
Publication Date: December 5, 1998
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110.  Support for New Policies to Regulate Firearms: Results of Two National Surveys
NCJ Number   174305
Author: S P Teret; D W Webster; J S Vernick; T W Smith; D Leff; G J Wintemute; P J Cook; D F Hawkins; A L Kellermann; S B Sorenson; S DeFrancesco
Journal New England Journal of Medicine  Volume339  Issue12  Dated1998  Pages813-818
Publication Date: 1998
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111.  Characteristics of a Gun Exchange Program, and an Assessment of Potential Benefits
NCJ Number   174306
Author: M P Romero; G J Wintemute; J S Vernick
Journal Injury Prevention  Volume4 (1998)  Pages206-210
Publication Date: 1998
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112.  Homicide Trends in the United States
NCJ Number   174433
Author: J A Fox; M W Zawitz
Publication Date: 1998
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113.  Incidence of Defensive Firearm Use by US Crime Victims, 1987 Through 1990
NCJ Number   174621
Author: D McDowall; B Wiersema
Journal American Journal of Public Health  Volume84  Issue12  DatedDecember 1994  Pages1982-1984
Publication Date: 1994
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114.  Enforcement of the Federal Domestic Violence Laws
NCJ Number   174643
Author: M S Groban
Journal USA Bulletin  Volume47  Issueissue  DatedJanuary 1999  Pages36-41
Publication Date: 1999
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115.  Homicide Followed by Suicide: Paris and Its Suburbs, 1991- 1996
NCJ Number   174708
Author: D Lecomte; P Fornes
Journal Journal of Forensic Sciences  Volume43  Issue4  DatedJuly 1998  Pages760-764
Publication Date: 1998
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116.  Presale Handgun Checks, the Brady Interim Period, 1994-98
NCJ Number   175034
Author: D. A. Manson; D. K. Gilliard; G. Lauver
Publication Date: June 1999
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117.  Model Juvenile Handgun Code for the States
NCJ Number   175113
Publication Date: Unknown
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118.  Target America: Can the Flood of Foreign Assault Weapons Be Stopped?
NCJ Number   175225
Publication Date: 1998
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119.  Police Officer's Perspective on Gangs, Drugs, and Guns on the Streets of Chicago
NCJ Number   175464
Author: R Risley
Journal Compiler  Volume18  Issue2  DatedFall 1998  Pages4-7
Publication Date: 1998
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120.  When Bullets Don't Kill: A New Surveillance System Targets Firearm Injuries
NCJ Number   175467
Author: C W Barber; V V Ozonoff; M Schuster; B Hume; H McLaughlin; L Jannelli
Journal Public Health Reports  Volume111  Issue6  DatedNovember/December 1996  Pages482-493
Publication Date: 1996
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121.  Proceedings of the Homicide Research Working Group Meetings, 1997 and 1998
NCJ Number   175709
Publication Date: May 1999
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122.  Targeting Guns: Firearms and Their Control
NCJ Number   176122
Author: G Kleck
Publication Date: 1997
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123.  Firearms in Canada and Eight Other Western Countries: Selected Findings of the 1996 International Crime (Victim) Survey
NCJ Number   176664
Author: R Block
Publication Date: 1998
Abstract   Find in a Library
124.  Connecting Weapons with Violence: The South American Experience
NCJ Number   176681
Author: K der Ghougassian; L P Carneiro
Publication Date: 1998
Abstract   Find in a Library
125.  Buy or Barter: The History and Prospects of Voluntary Weapons Collection Programmes
NCJ Number   176685
Author: S Meek
Publication Date: 1998
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