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51.  What is Known About the Effectiveness of Police Practices in Reducing Crime and Disorder?
NCJ Number   242845
Author: Cody W. Telep; David Weisburd
Journal Police Quarterly  Volume15  Issue4  DatedDecember 2012  Pages331-357
Publication Date: December 2012
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52.  What is Known about the Effectiveness of Police Practices?
NCJ Number   244166
Author: Cody W. Telep; David Weisburd
Publication Date: September 2011
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53.  Reducing Police Use of Force: Case Studies and Prospects
NCJ Number   246299
Author: Tim Prenzler; Louise Porter; Geoffrey P. Alpert
Journal Aggression and Violent Behavior  Volume18  Issue2  DatedMarch-April 2013  Pages343-356
Publication Date: 2013
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54.  Gun Violence Among Serious Young Offenders
NCJ Number   247003
Author: Anthony A. Braga
Publication Date: May 2012
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55.  Model Programs Guide Literature Review: Community- and Problem-Oriented Policing
NCJ Number   249695
Publication Date: 2010
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56.  Incorporating Problem-Oriented Policing (POP) and Crime Analysis into Police Department Reform Efforts (Case Study)
NCJ Number   250588
Publication Date: January 2016
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57.  Diagnostic Analysis for the East Haven Police Department, Town of East Haven, Connecticut: Opportunities for Evidence-Based Technical Assistance
NCJ Number   250589
Publication Date: April 2014
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
NCJ Number   10011
Author: ANON
Publication Date: 1971
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59.  POP in Fresno: Effective Problem-Solving Techniques
NCJ Number   154476
Author: M West
Journal Police Chief  Volume62  Issue3  Dated(March 1995)  Pages37-38,42-45
Publication Date: 1995
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60.  Drug Control Enforcement
NCJ Number   152188
Author: K Benson
Journal Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine  Volume18  Issue10  Dated(October 1994)  Pages56-59,108-109
Publication Date: 1994
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61.  Facilitator Skill-Building in Managing POP
NCJ Number   150141
Author: P Jensen; B Tegeler; S Quinn
Journal Police Chief  Volume61  Issue7  Dated(July 1994)  Pages19-22
Publication Date: 1994
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62.  Community Policing, Problem-oriented Policing, Police- citizen Co-production of Public Safety, and the Privatization of Crime Control (From Privatizing the United States Justice System: Police, Adjudication, and Corrections Services From the Private Sector, P 56-66, 1992, Gary W Bowman, Simon Hakim,
NCJ Number   137788
Author: R L Boostrom; C A Draper
Publication Date: 1992
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63.  Implementing POP: The San Diego Experience
NCJ Number   126586
Author: B Burgreen; N McPherson
Journal Police Chief  Volume57  Issue10  Dated(October 1990)  Pages50-51,53-54,56
Publication Date: 1990
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64.  Problem-Oriented Policing
NCJ Number   122232
Author: R Bocklet
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume16  Issue4  Dated(April 1989)  Pages46-47,49-50
Publication Date: 1989
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