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451.  OJJDP Girls Study Group
NCJ Number   226576
Author: Stephanie R. Hawkins, Ph.D.
Publication Date: June 2008
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452.  Long-Term Consequences of Delinquency: Child Maltreatment and Crime in Early Adulthood
NCJ Number   226577
Author: Rebecca Colman; Do Han Kim; Susan Mitchell-Herzfeld; Therese A. Shady
Publication Date: March 2009
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453.  Adolescence, Pornography and Harm
NCJ Number   226656
Author: Colleen Bryant
Publication Date: February 2009
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454.  Parent/Child Concordance about Bullying Involvement and Family Characteristics Related to Bullying and Peer Victimization
NCJ Number   226690
Author: Melissa K. Holt; Glenda Kaufman Kantor; David Finkelhor
Journal Journal of School Violence  Volume8  Issue1  DatedJanuary-March 2009  Pages42-63
Publication Date: January 2009
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455.  Polyvictimization, Childhood Victimization, and Psychological Distress in College Women
NCJ Number   226863
Author: Jessica M. Richmond; Ann N. Elliott; Thomas W. Pierce; Jeffrey E. Aspelmeier
Journal Child Maltreatment  Volume14  Issue2  DatedMay 2009  Pages127-147
Publication Date: May 2009
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456.  Children's Adjustment Problems in Families Characterized by Men's Severe Violence Toward Women: Does Other Family Violence Matter?
NCJ Number   226925
Author: Renee McDonald; Ernest N. Jouriles; Candyce D. Tart; Laura C. Minze
Journal Child Abuse and Neglect  Volume33  Issue2  DatedFebruary 2009  Pages94-101
Publication Date: February 2009
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457.  Trajectories of Delinquency Among Puerto Rican Children and Adolescents at Two Sites
NCJ Number   227127
Author: Mildred M. Maldonado-Molina; Alex R. Piquero; Wesley G. Jennings; Hector Bird; Glorisa Canino
Journal Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency  Volume46  Issue2  DatedMay 2009  Pages144-181
Publication Date: May 2009
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458.  Healing the Invisible Wounds: Children's Exposure to Violence - A Guide for Families
NCJ Number   227353
Publication Date: 2009
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459.  Experiences of Violence and Deficits in Academic Achievement Among Urban Primary School Children in Jamaica
NCJ Number   227390
Author: Helen Baker-Henningham; Julie Meeks-Gardner; Susan Chang; Susan Walker
Journal Child Abuse & Neglect  Volume33  Issue5  DatedMay 2009  Pages296-306
Publication Date: May 2009
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460.  Trauma as a Predictive Indicator of Clinical Outcome in Residential Treatment
NCJ Number   227514
Author: Susan N. Boyer M.A.; Lauren S. Hallion B.A.; Carrie L. Hammell B.A.; Suzanne Button Ph.D.
Journal Residential Treatment for Children & Youth  Volume26  Issue2  DatedApril-June 2009  Pages92-104
Publication Date: May 2009
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461.  Collateral Damage?: Juvenile Snitches in America's 'Wars' on Drugs, Crime, and Gangs
NCJ Number   227743
Author: Andrea L. Dennis
Journal American Criminal Law Review  Volume46  Issue3  DatedSummer 2009  Pages1145-1190
Publication Date: 2009
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462.  Children's Exposure to Violence: A Comprehensive National Survey
NCJ Number   227744
Author: David Finkelhor; Heather Turner; Richard Ormrod; Sherry Hamby; Kristen Kracke
Publication Date: October 2009
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463.  Executive Function Performance and Trauma Exposure in a Community Sample of Children
NCJ Number   227747
Author: Anne P. DePrince; Kristin M. Weinzierl; Melody D. Combs
Journal Child Abuse and Neglect  Volume33  Issue6  DatedJune 2009  Pages353-361
Publication Date: June 2009
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464.  Fathering by Partner-Abusive Men: Attitudes on Children's Exposure to Interparental Conflict and Risk Factors for Child Abuse
NCJ Number   228061
Author: Emily J. Salisbury; Kris Henning; Robert Holdford
Journal Child Maltreatment  Volume14  Issue3  DatedAugust 2009  Pages232-242
Publication Date: August 2009
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465.  Psychological Effect of Exposure to Gang Violence on Youth: A Pilot Study
NCJ Number   228137
Author: Sarah Kelly; Debra Anderson; Ann Peden
Journal Journal of Gang Research  Volume16  Issue4  DatedSummer 2009  Pages35-52
Publication Date: 2009
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466.  OJJDP News @ a Glance, September/October 2009
NCJ Number   228325
Publication Date: October 2009
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
467.  Poly-Victimization Among Girls in the Juvenile Justice System: Manifestations & Associations to Delinquency
NCJ Number   228620
Author: Dana D. DeHart, Ph.D.
Publication Date: October 2009
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468.  Factors Discriminating Among Profiles of Resilience and Psychopathology in Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
NCJ Number   228652
Author: Sandra A. Graham-Bermann; Gabrielle Gruber; Kathryn H. Howell; Laura Girz
Journal Child Abuse and Neglect  Volume33  Issue9  DatedSeptember 2009  Pages648-660
Publication Date: September 2009
Abstract   Find in a Library
469.  Predicting Conduct Problems From Community and Family Violence: The Moderating Effects of Hurricane Katrina
NCJ Number   228685
Author: Julia F. Vigna; Brittany C. Hernandez; Mary Lou Kelley
Journal Journal of Family Violence  Volume24  Issue8  DatedNovember 2009  Pages597-605
Publication Date: November 2009
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470.  Children Living with Violence Within the Family and Its Sequel: A Meta-Analysis From 1995-2006
NCJ Number   228719
Author: Yuk-Chung Chan; Jerf Wai-Keung Yeung
Journal Aggression and Violent Behavior  Volume14  Issue5  DatedSeptember/October 2009  Pages313-322
Publication Date: October 2009
Abstract   Find in a Library
471.  Childhood Maltreatment, Intervening Variables, and Adult Psychological Difficulties in Women: An Overview
NCJ Number   228799
Author: John Briere; Carol E. Jordan
Journal Trauma, Violence, and Abuse  Volume10  Issue4  DatedOctober 2009  Pages375-388
Publication Date: October 2009
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472.  Neurobiological Toll of Child Abuse and Neglect
NCJ Number   228800
Author: Gretchen N. Neigh; Charles F. Gillespie; Charles B. Nemeroff
Journal Trauma, Violence, and Abuse  Volume10  Issue4  DatedOctober 2009  Pages389-410
Publication Date: October 2009
Abstract   Find in a Library
473.  Behind Closed Doors: The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children
NCJ Number   229005
Publication Date: 2009
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
474.  Boys Will Be Boys: Understanding the Impact of Child Maltreatment and Family Violence on the Sexual, Reproductive, and Parenting Behaviors of Young Men
NCJ Number   229006
Author: Abby Kahn; Pat Paluzzi
Publication Date: 2006
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
475.  Connect: Supporting Children Exposed to Domestic Violence - In-Service Training for Resource Families: Trainer's Guide
NCJ Number   229009
Author: Denise Goodman
Publication Date: 2009
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library

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