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176.  Kid's Korner Program: City of Reno, Nevada, Police Department
NCJ Number   181718
Author: Brian Crane; Kelly Dedel Johnson Ph.D.
Publication Date: June 2000
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177.  Tobacco--Addicting America's Children: A Judicial Response
NCJ Number   181891
Author: Thomas Heydinger; Jerry Endres; Willie Edwards; Joey Binard; Iris Hart
Publication Date: July 1997
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178.  How to Protect Our Children in School: A Step-by-Step Guide for Busy Parents and Professionals
NCJ Number   181945
Author: Daphne Lichter
Publication Date: 1999
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179.  Competency Training: The Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth 10-14
NCJ Number   182208
Author: Virginia K. Molgaard; Richard L. Spoth; Cleve Redmond
Publication Date: August 2000
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180.  The Media Tool Kit for Anti-Drug Action
NCJ Number   182318
Publication Date: August 2000
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181.  Incarcerated Parents and Their Children
NCJ Number   182335
Author: Christopher J. Mumola
Publication Date: August 2000
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182.  Jackson County, Missouri, COMmunity-Backed Anti-Drug Tax (COMBAT) Evaluation - Final Report
NCJ Number   182439
Author: Peter Finn; Dana Hunt; Thomas Rich; Amy Seeherman; Joanna Heliotis; Christine Smith
Publication Date: March 2000
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183.  Cumulative Effects of Prevention Education on Substance Use Among 11th Grade Students in Ohio
NCJ Number   182473
Author: Joseph F. Donnermeyer; Russell R. Davis
Journal Journal of School Health  Volume68  Issue4  DatedApril 1998  Pages151-158
Publication Date: April 1998
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184.  Understanding Substance Abuse Prevention: Toward the 21st Century: A Primer on Effective Programs
NCJ Number   182579
Author: Paul J. Brounstein Ph.D.; Janine M. Zweig Ph.D.
Publication Date: 1999
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185.  Day Reporting Centers as an Alternative for Drug Using Offenders
NCJ Number   182717
Author: Duane McBride; Curtis VanderWaal
Journal Journal of Drug Issues  Volume27  Issue2  DatedSpring 1997  Pages379-397
Publication Date: 1997
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186.  Prevention of Substance Abuse Problems: An Independent Study for Mental Health Specialists
NCJ Number   182820
Author: Louise Peloquin; Judy Galloway; Steve Seitz; Donna S. D'Almeida; Lynette Jack
Publication Date: December 1996
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187.  Correlation Between AOD and Violence: Fact Sheet and Bibliography
NCJ Number   182821
Publication Date: 1999
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188.  Treating Substance Abuse in Offender Populations (From Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation, Fourth Edition, P 265-287, 2000, Patricia Van Voorhis, Michael Braswell, et al. -- See NCJ-183019)
NCJ Number   183032
Author: Patricia Van Voorhis; Gail Hurst
Publication Date: 2000
Abstract   Find in a Library
189.  Promising Strategies To Reduce Substance Abuse
NCJ Number   183152
Publication Date: September 2000
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190.  Flashpoint: An Innovative Media Literacy Intervention for High-Risk Adolescents
NCJ Number   183175
Author: Jane Moore MSW; Neal Dechillo Ph.D.; Barbara Nicholson Ph.D.; Angela Genovese MSW; Stephanie Sladen MSW
Journal Juvenile and Family Court Journal  Volume51  Issue2  DatedSpring 2000  Pages23-34
Publication Date: 2000
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191.  Adult Too Soon: Age-Sensitive Interventions With Delinquent Girls
NCJ Number   183190
Author: Ann Booker Loper
Journal Reaching Today's Youth  Volume4  Issue3  DatedSpring 2000  Pages12-16
Publication Date: 2000
Abstract   Find in a Library
192.  Prevention Validation and Accounting Platform: A Framework for Establishing Accountability and Performance Measures of Substance Abuse Prevention Programs
NCJ Number   183338
Author: Sehwan Kim Ph.D.; Jonnie H. McLeod M.D.; Charles Williams Ph.D.; Nancy Hepler Ph.D.
Journal Journal of Drug Education  Volume30  Issue1  Dated2000  Pages1-143
Publication Date: 2000
Abstract   Find in a Library
193.  Reducing Offender Drug Use Through Prison-Based Treatment
NCJ Number   183457
Journal National Institute of Justice Journal  DatedJuly 2000  Pages20-23
Publication Date: July 2000
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
194.  Effective Practices in Youth Violence Prevention
NCJ Number   183497
Author: Dewey G. Cornell Ph.D.
Publication Date: 1999
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
195.  Tobacco Smoking Among High School Students in Romagna (Italy) and Evaluation of a Prevention Campaign
NCJ Number   183559
Author: Anna Bergamaschi Ph.D.; Angelo Gambi Ph.D.; Franca Gentilini Ph.D.; Claudia Monti Ph.D.; Serena Stampi Ph.D.; Franca Zanetti Ph.D.
Journal Substance Use and Misuse  Volume35  Issue9  DatedJuly 2000  Pages1277-1295
Publication Date: July 2000
Abstract   Find in a Library
196.  Perceptions of the Prevalence of Marijuana Use Among College Students: A Comparison Between Current Users and Nonusers
NCJ Number   183561
Author: Randy M. Page; Andria Scanlan
Journal Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse  Volume9  Issue2  Dated1999  Pages1-12
Publication Date: 1999
Abstract   Find in a Library
197.  Florida's Award-Winning Nonsecure Drug Treatment Program
NCJ Number   183584
Author: Paula Tully Bryant
Journal Corrections Today  Volume62  Issue3  DatedJune 2000  Pages98-105
Publication Date: June 2000
Abstract   Find in a Library
198.  "The Other Way" Program Evaluation, Summary
NCJ Number   183645
Author: Remi J. Cadoret M.D.; Anita M. Patterson MSW; Sarah Barten M.A.; Christopher Richards M.A.
Publication Date: 1999
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
199.  Evaluation of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign: Historical Trends in Drug Use and Design of the Phase III Evaluation
NCJ Number   183775
Author: Robert Hornik; David Judkins; Andrew Golub; Bruce Johnson; David Duncan
Publication Date: June 2000
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200.  Strengthening Families and Protecting Children From Substance Abuse: A Guide for Practitioners and State and Local Policymakers
NCJ Number   183802
Author: Cynthia Lang; Mara Krongard
Publication Date: 1999
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