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26.  Consolidation Dispatch Center 24-Hour Operation - Owen County Owenton City, Kentucky
NCJ Number   87014
Author: V Logothetis
Publication Date: Unknown
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
27.  Communications Study - Dakota County Law Enforcement Association
NCJ Number   87026
Author: B A Kellner
Publication Date: 1979
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
28.  Mobile Computer Terminals
NCJ Number   96320
Author: J Caldwell
Journal FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin  Volume53  Issue11  Dated(November 1984)  Pages21-24
Publication Date: 1984
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
29.  Future Trends in Law Enforcement/Public Safety Communication/Command and Control (C3) (From Electronic Crime Countermeasures, P 89-94, 1986, John S Jackson, ed. - See NCJ-102815)
NCJ Number   102820
Author: G M Stone
Publication Date: 1986
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30.  Focus: Communications
NCJ Number   109552
Journal Law and Order  Volume36  Issue2  Dated(February 1988)  Pages24-26,28-31,33-48,50-52,54
Publication Date: 1988
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31.  Status of Public Safety Communications in 1991
NCJ Number   132274
Author: A Burton
Journal Nine-one-one Magazine  Volume4  Issue3  Dated(May-June 1991)  Pages22-25
Publication Date: 1991
Abstract   Find in a Library
32.  Modernizing Your Communications Unit
NCJ Number   137460
Author: L Pilant
Journal Police Chief  Volume59  Issue6  Dated(June 1992)  Pages39,42,45-46,48,50,52
Publication Date: 1992
Abstract  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
NCJ Number   147714
Author: H R McEwen
Journal Police Chief  Volume61  Issue2  Dated(February 1994)  Pages12,14-17,19-20
Publication Date: 1994
Abstract  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
34.  Americans With Disabilities Act: Emergency Response Systems and Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf
NCJ Number   151177
Author: Paula N. Rubin; Toni Dunne
Publication Date: 1995
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
35.  Law Enforcement Communication Security
NCJ Number   156779
Author: L E Quarantiello
Journal FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin  Volume64  Issue8  Dated(August 1995)  Pages14-17
Publication Date: 1995
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
36.  Rechargeable Batteries for Personal/Portable Transceivers, NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Standard-0211.01
NCJ Number   160804
Publication Date: 1995
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
37.  Mobile Data Terminals: Past, Present and Future (From Computerization in the Management of the Criminal Justice System: Proceedings of the Workshop and the Symposium on Computerization of Criminal Justice Information at the Ninth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment o
NCJ Number   167637
Author: D M Monopoli
Publication Date: 1996
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
38.  Wireless Communications and Interoperability Among State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Research in Brief
NCJ Number   168945
Author: M J Taylor; R C Epper; T K Tolman
Publication Date: 1998
Abstract  PDF  Text   Find in a Library
39.  State and Local Law Enforcement Wireless Communications and Interoperability: A Quantitative Analysis
NCJ Number   168961
Author: M J Taylor; R C Epper; T K Tolman
Publication Date: 1998
Abstract  PDF  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
40.  Public Safety Radio Spectrum Resolution Efforts Continue Unabated
NCJ Number   171218
Author: H R McEwen
Journal Police Chief  Volume64  Issue5  Dated(May 1997)  Pages21-22,24,26,28-29
Publication Date: 1997
Abstract   Find in a Library
41.  Fixed and Base Station Antennas: NIJ Standard-0204.02
NCJ Number   172205
Publication Date: 1998
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
42.  Public Safety Unplugged: 911
NCJ Number   175282
Author: D Rogers
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume25  Issue7  DatedJuly 1998  Pages18-20-22
Publication Date: 1998
Abstract   Find in a Library
43.  Communication Made Easy
NCJ Number   175283
Author: R L Paynter
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume25  Issue7  DatedJuly 1998  Pages34-36
Publication Date: 1998
Abstract   Find in a Library
44.  Can We Talk? Public Safety and the Interoperability Challenge
NCJ Number   181729
Author: Brenna Smith; Tom Tolman
Journal National Institute of Justice Journal  DatedApril 2000  Pages16-21
Publication Date: April 2000
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
45.  Analysis of Communications Effectiveness for First Responders During TOPOFF 2000
NCJ Number   184937
Author: A. G. Arnold; G. R. DiPietro; T. L. Mucha; C. W. Schaffer; A. M. Sadowski; R. S. Sigamoney; C. H. Sinex; W. F. Smith
Publication Date: August 2000
Abstract  PDF  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
46.  Antenna System Guide NIJ Guide 202–00
NCJ Number   185030
Author: W. A. Kissick; W. J. Ingram; J. M. Vanderau; R. D. Jennings
Publication Date: April 2001
Abstract  PDF  Text  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
47.  A Guide for Applying Information Technology in Law Enforcement
NCJ Number   185934
Publication Date: March 2001
Abstract  PDF  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
48.  Panic Over Panic Alarms?
NCJ Number   189620
Author: Tom Chronister
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume28  Issue7  DatedJuly 2001  Pages74-76,78
Publication Date: July 2001
Abstract   Find in a Library
49.  Guide for the Selection of Communication Equipment for Emergency First Responders Volume I (NIJ Guide 104-00)
NCJ Number   191160
Author: Alim A. Fatah; John A. Barrett; Richard D. Arcilesi Jr.; Patrick S. Scolla; Charlotte H. Lattin; Susan D. Fortner
Publication Date: February 2002
Abstract  PDF (Entire doc - 64 pgs)  PDF (Intro, chap 1)  PDF (Chap 2)  PDF (Chap 3-4, Appendixes)  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
50.  Technical Evaluation of the TRP-1000 and ACU-1000: Test Procedures and Results
NCJ Number   194698
Author: OLES/Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
Publication Date: 2000
Abstract  PDF  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library

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