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326.  Teen Prostitution
NCJ Number   178640
Author: Ruth Dean; Melissa Thomson
Publication Date: 1998
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327.  Capitalizing on Transition Economies: The Role of the Russian Mafiya in Trafficking Women for Forced Prostitution
NCJ Number   178838
Author: Gillian Caldwell; Steve Galster; Jyothi Kanics; Nadia Steinzor
Journal Transnational Organized Crime  Volume3  Issue4  DatedWinter 1997  Pages42-73
Publication Date: 1997
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328.  Prostitution and the Mafia: The Involvement of Organized Crime in the Global Sex Trade
NCJ Number   178841
Author: Sarah Shannon
Journal Transnational Organized Crime  Volume3  Issue4  DatedWinter 1997  Pages119-144
Publication Date: 1997
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329.  Lost Child: Congress's Inability to Protect Our Teenagers
NCJ Number   178848
Author: Virginia Kendall
Journal Northwestern University Law Review  Volume92  Issue4  DatedSummer 1998  Pages1307-1315
Publication Date: 1998
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330.  Overview of the Portable Guides to Investigating Child Abuse: Update 2000
NCJ Number   178893
Author: Janet McNaughton
Publication Date: February 2000
Abstract  HTML  PDF   Find in a Library
331.  Characteristics of Crimes Against Juveniles
NCJ Number   179034
Author: David Finkelhor; Richard Ormrod
Publication Date: June 2000
Abstract  HTML  PDF   Find in a Library
332.  Bitter Earth: Child Sexual Abuse in Indian Country, Discussion Guide
NCJ Number   179105
Publication Date: 1999
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
333.  Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
NCJ Number   179127
Journal Compiler  Volume19  Issue1  DatedSummer 1999  Pages14-17
Publication Date: 1999
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
334.  Prostitution of Women and Girls
NCJ Number   179150
Author: R. Barri Flowers
Publication Date: 1998
Abstract   Find in a Library
335.  High Stakes of Child Safety
NCJ Number   179404
Author: Ann Longmore-Etheridge
Journal Security Management  Volume43  Issue10  DatedOctober 1999  Pages52-57
Publication Date: October 1999
Abstract   Find in a Library
336.  Childhood Victimization: Early Adversity, Later Psychopathology
NCJ Number   180077
Author: Cathy Spatz Widom
Journal National Institute of Justice Journal  DatedJanuary 2000  Pages2-9
Publication Date: January 2000
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
337.  Child Labor: Exploited and Abused Youth at Work
NCJ Number   180168
Author: Georgia McCauley
Publication Date: 1998
Abstract   Find in a Library
338.  Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Youth Involved in Prostitution, Pornography and Sex Trafficking
NCJ Number   180169
Author: Laura Barnitz; Niesha Lobo; Carrie McVicker; Katy Gallagher
Publication Date: 1998
Abstract   Find in a Library
339.  Child Sexual Exploitation Training Program Analysis
NCJ Number   180443
Author: Bradley J. Russ
Publication Date: February 13, 1998
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
340.  When Cyber Stalkers Walk
NCJ Number   180444
Author: Debra Baker
Journal ABA Journal  Volume85  DatedDecember 1999  Pages51-54
Publication Date: December 1999
Abstract   Find in a Library
341.  Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Practical Guide to Assessment, Investigation, and Intervention, Second Edition
NCJ Number   180571
Author: Seth L. Goldstein
Publication Date: 1998
Abstract   Find in a Library
342.  Children as Victims (From Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 1999 National Report, 1999, by Howard N. Snyder and Melissa Sickmund)
NCJ Number   180753
Author: Howard N. Snyder; Melissa Sickmund
Publication Date: May 2000
Abstract  HTML  PDF   Find in a Library
343.  Model Court Practices in Abuse and Neglect Cases Videoconference
NCJ Number   180961
Publication Date: 2000
Abstract  HTML (Broadcast Overview)   Find in a Library
344.  Research on Women and Girls in the Justice System: Plenary Papers of the 1999 Conference on Criminal Justice Research and Evaluation: Enhancing Policy and Practice Through Research, Volume 3
NCJ Number   180973
Author: Beth E. Richie; Kay Tsenin; Cathy Spatz Widom
Publication Date: September 2000
Abstract  PDF  Text   Find in a Library
345.  Taking a Chance? The Risks Associated with Going Missing from Substitute Care
NCJ Number   181627
Author: Nina Biehal; Jim Wade
Journal Child Abuse Review  Volume8  Issue6  DatedNovember/December 1999  Pages366-376
Publication Date: November 1999
Abstract   Find in a Library
346.  Child Rights Protection and Criminal Law Reform in Canada
NCJ Number   182535
Author: Daniel C. Prefontaine
Publication Date: 1997
Abstract   Find in a Library
347.  Violence Against Children: International Criminal Justice Norms and Strategies
NCJ Number   182537
Author: Eileen Skinnider
Publication Date: 1999
Abstract   Find in a Library
348.  Sexual Assault of Young Children as Reported to Law Enforcement: Victim, Incident, and Offender Characteristics
NCJ Number   182990
Author: Howard N. Snyder Ph.D.
Publication Date: 2000
Abstract  Agency Summary  PDF  Text   Find in a Library
349.  States of Confinement: Policing, Detention, and Prisons
NCJ Number   183621
Publication Date: 2000
Abstract   Find in a Library
350.  Clinical and Developmental Approach to Prevention (From Battered Child, Fifth Edition, P 594-614, 1997, Mary E. Helfer, Ruth S. Kempe, et al., eds. -- See NCJ-183728)
NCJ Number   183754
Author: Ray E. Helfer M.D.; Richard D. Krugman M.D.
Publication Date: 1997
Abstract   Find in a Library

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