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51.  Resources for Mother-Child Community Corrections
NCJ Number   190352
Author: Mary K. Shilton
Publication Date: 2001
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52.  Community Corrections: An Overview for Elected Officials
NCJ Number   190380
Author: Margot C. Lindsay; Mary K. Shilton
Publication Date: November 2000
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53.  Michigan Department of Corrections 2000 Annual Report
NCJ Number   190430
Publication Date: 2000
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
54.  Participation of the Public and Victims for More Effective Administration in the Treatment of Offenders (From Resource Material Series No. 56, P 300-324, 2000, Hiroshi Iitsuka and Rebecca Findlay-Debeck, eds. -- See NCJ-191475)
NCJ Number   191497
Author: Pornpit Norapoompipat
Publication Date: December 2000
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55.  Triad Drug Treatment Evaluation Project
NCJ Number   192550
Author: Bernadette Pelissier; William Rhodes; William Saylor; Gerry Gaes; Scott D. Camp; Suzy D. Vanyur; Sue Wallace
Journal Federal Probation  Volume65  Issue3  DatedDecember 2001  Pages3-7
Publication Date: December 2001
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56.  Case Management, Community Agencies, and Volunteers (From Correctional Assessment, Casework, and Counseling, P 247-262, 2001, Anthony Walsh, -- See NCJ-192641)
NCJ Number   192653
Publication Date: 2001
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57.  Correctional Prediction and the Level of Supervision Inventory
NCJ Number   192898
Author: Eric R. Dowdy; Michael G. Lacey; N. Prabha Unnithan
Journal Journal of Criminal Justice  Volume30  Issue1  DatedJanuary/February 2002  Pages29-39
Publication Date: 2002
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58.  Correctional Populations in the United States, 1998 - Statistical Tables
NCJ Number   192929
Publication Date: September 2002
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59.  New Jersey's Assessment Centers: Helping Inmates Take the Final Step Toward Release
NCJ Number   193948
Author: Ralph Fretz
Journal Corrections Today  Volume64  Issue1  DatedFebruary 2002  Pages78-81
Publication Date: 2002
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60.  Effectiveness of Community-Based Correctional Programs: A Case Study
NCJ Number   198000
Author: Nancy Marion
Journal Prison Journal  Volume82  Issue4  DatedDecember 2002  Pages478-497
Publication Date: December 2002
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61.  Staff Safety: New Approaches to Staff Safety, Second Edition
NCJ Number   198658
Author: Robert L. Thornton M.Ed.
Publication Date: March 2003
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62.  Model for Developing a Reentry Program
NCJ Number   198866
Author: Vincent D. Basile
Journal Federal Probation  Volume66  Issue3  DatedDecember 2002  Pages55-58
Publication Date: December 2002
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
63.  Community Corrections in Colorado: A Report of Findings
NCJ Number   199093
Author: Suzanne G. Woodburn; Kim English
Publication Date: February 2002
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64.  Prisoner Reentry: What Works, What Does Not, and What is Promising
NCJ Number   201170
Author: Richard P. Seiter; Karen R. Kadela
Journal Crime & Delinquency  Volume49  Issue3  DatedJuly 2003  Pages360-388
Publication Date: July 2003
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65.  Data Resource Guide Fiscal Year 2002: The Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice
NCJ Number   202613
Publication Date: 2002
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66.  Halfway Houses for Federal Offenders: What Do We Know About Them?
NCJ Number   203294
Author: Elizabeth White
Journal Forum on Corrections Research  Volume15  Issue1  DatedMay 2003  Pages22-24
Publication Date: May 2003
Abstract  HTML  PDF   Find in a Library
67.  Guide for Developing Housing for Ex-Offenders
NCJ Number   203374
Author: Pat Gilbert
Publication Date: May 2004
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
68.  Halfway House Utilization: The Key to Reentry -- A Cost Savings Report
NCJ Number   203703
Author: Anne Power Ed.D.
Publication Date: February 25, 2003
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69.  Quality of Life as Perceived by Sex Offenders on Early Release in a Halfway House: Implications for Treatment
NCJ Number   203955
Author: D. J. Williams
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume38  Issue2  Dated2003  Pages77-93
Publication Date: 2003
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70.  Ontario Halfway House Association Hosts First Training Conference
NCJ Number   204575
Author: Donald G. Evans
Journal Corrections Today  Volume66  Issue1  DatedFebruary 2004  Pages80-81
Publication Date: February 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
71.  The Fortune Academy: Housing for Homeless Ex-Prisoners From Dream to Reality
NCJ Number   204806
Publication Date: 2002
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
72.  Beating the Perpetual Incarceration Machine: Overcoming Structural Impediments to Re-entry (From After Crime and Punishment: Pathways to Offender Reintegration, P 201-232, 2004, Shadd Maruna and Russ Immarigeon, eds. -- See NCJ-205080)
NCJ Number   205088
Author: Stephen C. Richards; Richard S. Jones
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
73.  Portrait of Prisoner Reentry in Ohio
NCJ Number   205469
Author: Nancy G. La Vigne; Gillian L. Thomson; Christy Visher; Vera Kachnowski; Jeremy Travis
Publication Date: November 2003
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74.  Aftercare as Afterthought: Reentry and the California Youth Authority
NCJ Number   207534
Author: Michele Byrnes; Daniel Macallair; Andrea D. Shorter
Publication Date: August 2002
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
75.  Washington Female Offender Reentry Programs Combine Transitional Services With Residential Parenting
NCJ Number   207655
Author: Larry M. Fehr
Journal Corrections Today  Volume66  Issue6  DatedOctober 2004  Pages82-83,87
Publication Date: October 2004
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