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76.  Community-Based Treatment for Homeless Parolees
NCJ Number   207660
Author: Linda Connelly; John Larivee
Journal Corrections Today  Volume66  Issue6  DatedOctober 2004  Pages100-103
Publication Date: October 2004
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77.  Severed Connections: An Exploration of the Impact of Imprisonment on Women's Familial and Social Connectedness
NCJ Number   208442
Author: Dot Goulding
Publication Date: October 2004
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78.  Mapping and Corrections: Management of Offenders with Geographic Information Systems
NCJ Number   208665
Author: Jaishankar Karuppannan
Journal Corrections Compendium  Volume30  Issue1  DatedJanuary/February 2005  Pages7-9,31,33
Publication Date: January 2005
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79.  Increasing the Effectiveness of Correctional Programming Through the Risk Principle: Identifying Offenders for Residential Placement
NCJ Number   210555
Author: Christopher T. Lowenkamp; Edward J. Latessa
Journal Criminology & Public Policy  Volume4  Issue2  DatedMay 2005  Pages263-290
Publication Date: May 2005
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80.  Geographic Information Systems: Helping Corrections Inside and Outside Prison Walls
NCJ Number   211615
Author: Joe Russo
Publication Date: 2001
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81.  Escapes From Juvenile Justice Residential Facilities: An Examination of the Independent and Additive Effects Security Components
NCJ Number   212148
Author: Adam Dobrin Ph.D.; Catherine A. Gallagher Ph.D.
Journal Journal for Juvenile Justice Services  Volume19  Issue1, 2  Dated2004  Pages47-57
Publication Date: 2004
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82.  What Makes a "Good" Teacher "Good:" Women in Transition From Prison to Community Reflect
NCJ Number   214949
Author: Alexandria Mageehon
Journal Journal of Correctional Education  Volume57  Issue2  DatedJune 2006  Pages145-157
Publication Date: June 2006
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83.  Does Correctional Program Quality Really Matter?: The Impact of Adhering to the Principles of Effective Intervention
NCJ Number   216085
Author: Christopher T. Lowenkamp; Edward J. Latessa; Paula Smith
Journal Criminology & Public Policy  Volume5  Issue3  DatedAugust 2006  Pages575-594
Publication Date: August 2006
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84.  Leisure Experience, Prison Culture, or Victimization?: Sex Offenders Report on Prison Gambling
NCJ Number   216313
Author: D. J. Williams; Mary L. Hinton
Journal Victims & Offenders  Volume1  Issue2  DatedApril 2006  Pages175-192
Publication Date: April 2006
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85.  When Prisoners Return: Why We Should Care and How You and Your Church Can Help
NCJ Number   217112
Author: Pat Nolan
Publication Date: 2004
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86.  Seven-Year Analysis of Walk-Away Rates of the New Jersey Halfway House Program
NCJ Number   217191
Author: James P. Wojtowicz; Tongyin Liu
Journal Corrections Compendium  Volume31  Issue6  DatedNovember/December 2006  Pages6,7,22,23
Publication Date: November 2006
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NCJ Number   39304
Author: ANON
Publication Date: 1975
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88.  Community Corrections in Colorado: A Study of Program Outcomes and Recidivism, FY00-FY04
NCJ Number   217495
Author: Nicole Hetz Burrell; Kim English
Publication Date: May 2006
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89.  Towards a Model Regime for Approved Premises
NCJ Number   217824
Author: Sally Cherry; Len Cheston
Journal Probation Journal: The Journal of Community and Crimal Justice  Volume53  Issue3  DatedSeptember 2006  Pages248-264
Publication Date: September 2006
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90.  Rural and Urban Criminal Justice (From Social Work in Juvenile and Criminal Justice Settings, Third Edition, P 53-74, 2007, Albert R. Roberts and David W. Springer, eds. -- See NCJ-217866)
NCJ Number   217871
Author: H. Wayne Johnson; James A. Hall; Bushra Sabri
Publication Date: 2007
91.  Validity of the Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R) Among African American and Hispanic Male Offenders
NCJ Number   218296
Author: Melinda D. Schlager; David J. Simourd
Journal Criminal Justice and Behavior: An International Journal  Volume34  Issue4  DatedApril 2007  Pages545-554
Publication Date: April 2007
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92.  Assessing Offender Needs and Performance for Planning and Monitoring Criminal Justice Drug Treatment
NCJ Number   220448
Author: Edward A. Roberts; Michael W. Contois; James C. Willis Sr.; Mary Rose Worthington; Kevin Knight
Journal Criminal Justice and Behavior  Volume34  Issue9  DatedSeptember 2007  Pages1179-1187
Publication Date: September 2007
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93.  Application of the Risk Principle to Female Offenders
NCJ Number   220657
Author: Lori Brunsman Lovins; Christopher T. Lowenkamp; Edward J. Latessa; Paula Smith
Journal Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice  Volume23  Issue4  DatedNovember 2007  Pages383-398
Publication Date: November 2007
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94.  Offenders, Judges, and Officers Rate the Relative Severity of Alternative Sanctions Compared to Prison
NCJ Number   223133
Author: Nathan T. Moore; David C. May; Peter B. Wood
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume46  Issue3/4  Dated2008  Pages49-70
Publication Date: 2008
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95.  Responding to Elder Abuse: What Community Corrections Should Know DVD
NCJ Number   223414
Publication Date: August 2010
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96.  Caught Up in the System: How Women Who Have Been Incarcerated Negotiate Power
NCJ Number   225219
Author: Alexandria Mageehon
Journal The Prison Journal  Volume88  Issue4  DatedDecember 2008  Pages473-492
Publication Date: December 2008
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97.  Study of Substance-Free Transitional Housing and Community Corrections in Washington County, Oregon
NCJ Number   225802
Author: Sonia D. Worcel M.A., M.P.P.; Scott W.M. Burrus Ph.D.; Michael W. Finigan Ph.D.
Publication Date: January 2009
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98.  Adult Correctional Budgets, 2007-2008
NCJ Number   226341
Author: Cece Hill
Journal Corrections Compendium  Volume33  Issue6  DatedNovember/December 2008  Pages13-23
Publication Date: November 2008
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99.  Standards for the Prevention, Detection, Response and Monitoring of Sexual Abuse in Community Corrections
NCJ Number   226683
Publication Date: 2009
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100.  Does Offender Gambling on the Inside Continue on the Outside?: Insights From Correctional Professionals on Gambling and Re-Entry
NCJ Number   227876
Author: D. J. Williams; Gordon J. Walker
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume48  Issue5  DatedJuly 2009  Pages402-415
Publication Date: July 2009
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