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26.  El Libro de Referencia de las Huellas Dactilares - Chapter 14: Investigación Científica que Sustenta los Fundamentos de la Examinación de Crestas de Fricción
NCJ Number   250988
Author: Glenn Langenburg
Publication Date: August 2017
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27.  Testing Two Approaches to Revictimization Prevention Among Adolescent Girls in the Child Welfare System
NCJ Number   249364
Author: Anna P. DePrince; Ann T. Chu; Jennifer Labus; Stephen R. Shirk; Cathryn Potter
Journal Journal of Adolescent Health  Volume56  Issue2  DatedFebruary 2015  Pages533-539
Publication Date: February 2015
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28.  Taking Stock of Behavioral Measures of Adolescent Dating Violence
NCJ Number   249366
Author: Jaclyn Smith; Carrie Mulford; Natasha E. Latzman; Andra Teten Tharp; Phyllis Holditch Niolon; Dara Blachman-Demner
Journal Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma  Volume24  Issue6  Dated2015  Pages674-692
Publication Date: 2015
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29.  Measuring Procedural Justice and Legitimacy at the Local Level: the Police-Community Interaction Survey
NCJ Number   249382
Author: Dennis P. Rosenbaum; Daniel S. Lawrence; Susan M. Hartnett; Jack McDevitt; Chad Posick
Journal Journal of Experimental Criminology  Volume11  Issue3  Dated2015  Pages335-366
Publication Date: 2015
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30.  Nuclear DNA-based Species Determination and DNA Quantification Assay for Common Poultry Species
NCJ Number   249385
Author: J. Ng; J. Satkoski; A. Premasuthan; S. Kanthaswamy
Journal Journal of Food Science and Technology-Mysore  Volume51  Issue12  DatedDecember 2014  Pages4060-4065
Publication Date: December 2014
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31.  National Best Practices for Sexual Assault Kits: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Article)
NCJ Number   251060
Publication Date: July 2017
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32.  OJJDP Journal of Juvenile Justice, Volume 5, Issue 2, Fall 2016
NCJ Number   251065
Journal Journal of Juvenile Justice  Volume5  Issue2  DatedFall 2015  Pages1-140
Publication Date: November 2016
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33.  Familial DNA Searching - An Emerging Forensic Investigative Tool
NCJ Number   251082
Author: Sara Debus-Sherril; Michael B. Field
Publication Date: August 2017
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34.  Estimating the Prevalence of Wrongful Convictions
NCJ Number   251115
Author: Kelly Walsh; Jeanette Hussemann; Abigail Flynn; Jennifer Yahner; Laura Golian
Publication Date: September 2017
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35.  A Brief Intervention To Prevent Adolescent Dating Aggression Perpetration
NCJ Number   251205
Author: Emily F. Rothman; Megan Bair-Merritt; Phaedra Corso; Jennifer Paruk; Tim Heeren
Publication Date: October 2017
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36.  Comparison of Ballistic-Resistant Body Armor Standards: Why You Should Wear 0101.06-Certified Armor
NCJ Number   251222
Publication Date: February 2016
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37.  Clarifying Threat Levels, Refining Ammunition Types, Adding Female Armor Testing: NIJ Revising Ballistic-Resistant Body Armor Standard
NCJ Number   251223
Publication Date: August 2017
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38.  NLECTC System Annual Report 2015
NCJ Number   251224
Publication Date: July 2016
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
39.  A Hopeful Approach: Understanding the Implications for the HOPE Program
NCJ Number   251229
Author: Eric Martin
Publication Date: 2017
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40.  Objective Method for Presumptive Field-Testing of Illicit Drug Possession Using Centrifugal Microdevices and Smartphone Analysis
NCJ Number   251230
Author: S. T. Krauss; T. P. Remcho; S. M. Lipes; R. Aranda; H. P. Maynard; N. Shukla; J. Li; R. E . Tontarski; J. P. Landers
Journal Analytical Chemistry  Volume88  Issue17  DatedAugust 2016  Pages8689-8697
Publication Date: August 2016
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
41.  Specificity and Ligand Affinities of the Cocaine Aptamer: Impact of Structural Features and Physiological NaCl
NCJ Number   251232
Author: A. Sachan; M. Ilgu; A. Kempema; G. A. Kraus; M. Nilsen-Hamilton
Journal Analytical Chemistry  Volume88  Issue15  DatedAugust 2016  Pages7715-7723
Publication Date: August 2016
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
42.  Should Rape Kit Testing Be Prioritized by Victim-Offender Relationship? Empirical Comparison of Forensic Testing Outcomes for Stranger and Non-stranger Sexual Assaults
NCJ Number   251251
Author: R. Campbell; S. J. Pierce; D. B. Sharma; H. Feeney; G. Fehler-Cabral
Journal Criminology & Public Policy  Volume15  Issue2  DatedMay 2016  Pages555-583
Publication Date: May 2016
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
43.  Collaborative Exercise on DNA Methylation Based Body Fluid Typing
NCJ Number   251253
Author: S. E. Jung; S. Cho; J. Antunes; I. Gomes; M. L. Uchimoto; Y. N. Oh; L. Di Giacomo; P. M. Schneider; M. S. Park; D. Van der Meer; G. Williams; B. McCord; H. J. Ahn; D. H. Choi; Y. H. Lee; S. D. Lee; H. Y. Lee
Journal ELECTROPHORESIS  Volume37  Issue21  DatedOctober 2016  Pages2759-2766
Publication Date: September 18, 2016
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
44.  From Binary Presumptive Assays to Probabilistic Assessments: Differentiation of Shooters From Non-shooters Using IMS, OGSR, Neural Networks, and Likelihood Ratios
NCJ Number   251261
Author: S. Bell; L. Seitzinger
Journal Forensic Science International  Volume263  DatedJuly 2016  Pages176-185
Publication Date: June 2016
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
45.  Ballistic-Resistant Body Armor: A Guide to Fit, Wear & Care
NCJ Number   251269
Publication Date: October 2017
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46.  Developmental Validation Studies of Epigenetic DNA Methylation Markers for the Detection of Blood, Semen, and Saliva Samples
NCJ Number   251277
Author: D. Silva; J. Antunes; K. Balamurugan; G. Duncan; C. S. Alho; B. McCord
Publication Date: July 2016
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
47.  Genetic Analysis of the Yavapai Native Americans From West-Central Arizona Using the Illumina MiSeq FGx (TM) Forensic Genomics System
NCJ Number   251280
Author: F. R. Wendt; J. D. Churchill; N.M. M. Novroski; J. L. King; J. Ng; R.F. Oldt; K. L. McCulloh; J. A. Weise; D. G. Smith; S. Kanthaswamy; B. Budowle
Journal Forensic Science International-Genetics  Volume24  DatedSeptember 2016  Pages18-23
Publication Date: September 2016
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
48.  Postmortem Genetic Screening for the Identification, Verification, and Reporting of Genetic Variants Contributing to the Sudden Death of the Young
NCJ Number   251285
Author: D.N. R. Methner; S. E. Scherer; K. Welch; M. Walkiewicz; C. M. Eng; J. W. Belmont; M. C. Powell; V. Korchina; H. V. Doddapaneni; D. M. Muzny; R. A. Gibbs; D. A. Wolf; L. A. Sanchez; R. Kahn
Journal Genome Research  Volume26  Issue9  DatedSeptember 2016  Pages1170-1177
Publication Date: July 2016
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
49.  Genomewide Association Study of African Children Identifies Association of SCHIP1 and PDE8A with Facial Size and Shape
NCJ Number   251308
Author: J. B. Cole; M. Manyama; E. Kimwaga; J. Mathayo; J. R. Larson; D. K. Liberton; K. Lukowiak; T. M. Ferrara; S. L. Riccardi; M. Li; W. Mio; M Prochazkova; T. Williams; H. Li; K. L. Jones; O. D. Klein; S. A. Santorico; B. Hallgrimsson; R. A. Spritz
Journal Plos Genetics  Volume12  Issue8  DatedAugust 2016
Publication Date: August 2016
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
50.  Moving Forward - How Research and Technology Are Expanding Sexual Assault Kit Testing
NCJ Number   249585
Author: Gerald LaPorte; Heather Waltke; Tina Delgado; Heather LaSalle
Publication Date: January 2016
Abstract  Agency Summary  HTML (Transcript)   Find in a Library

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