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176.  Substance Abuse and the Prison Population: A Three-Year Study by Columbia University Reveals Widespread Substance Abuse Among Offender Population
NCJ Number   174608
Author: S Belenko; J Peugh; J A Califano A,; M Usdansky; S E Foster
Journal Corrections Today  Volume60  Issue6  DatedOctober 1998  Pages82-89-154
Publication Date: 1998
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177.  Interview With ONDCP
NCJ Number   174609
Author: G deGroot
Journal Corrections Today  Volume60  Issue6  DatedOctober 1998  Pages90-93
Publication Date: 1998
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178.  From the Institution to the Community: Studies Show Benefits of Continuity of Care in Reduced Recidivism, Relapse Rates
NCJ Number   174610
Author: G Field
Journal Corrections Today  Volume60  Issue6  DatedOctober 1998  Pages94-97-113
Publication Date: 1998
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179.  Drug Courts and Jail-Based Treatment: Jail Setting Poses Unique Opportunity to Bridge Gap Between Courts and Treatment Services
NCJ Number   174611
Author: C W Huddleston
Journal Corrections Today  Volume60  Issue6  DatedOctober 1998  Pages98-101
Publication Date: 1998
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180.  Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Substance Abuse Treatment: Canada Embraces Social Learning Concept in Treatment of Substance Abuse
NCJ Number   174612
Author: C A Long; C M Langevin; J R Weekes
Journal Corrections Today  Volume60  Issue6  DatedOctober 1998  Pages102-105
Publication Date: 1998
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181.  Beyond the War on Drugs: Harm Reduction in Corrections - Gradual Approach to Reducing Substance Abuse May Benefit Some Users
NCJ Number   174613
Author: F Rotgers
Journal Corrections Today  Volume60  Issue6  DatedOctober 1998  Pages110-113
Publication Date: 1998
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182.  Twelve Steps to Improved Offender Outcomes: Developing Responsive Systems of Care for Substance-Abusing Offenders
NCJ Number   174614
Author: Faye S. Taxman
Journal Corrections Today  Volume60  Issue6  DatedOctober 1998  Pages114-117,166
Publication Date: 1998
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183.  Jail: The First Link in Our Chain of Collaboration
NCJ Number   174647
Author: A Walsh
Journal American Jails  Volume12  Issue1  DatedMarch/April 1998  Pages51-55-59
Publication Date: 1998
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184.  Mentally Ill and Substance Abusing Inmates: One Jail's Solution to Traditionally Fragmented Service Delivery
NCJ Number   174648
Author: H Atkins; B K Applegate; G F Hobbs
Journal American Jails  Volume12  Issue1  DatedMarch/April 1998  Pages69-72
Publication Date: 1998
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185.  Jails and Prisons, Reservoirs of TB Disease: Should Defendants With HIV Infection (Who Cannot Swim) Be Thrown Into the Reservoir?
NCJ Number   174657
Author: F Colangelo; M Hogan
Journal Fordham Urban Law Journal  Volume20  Issue3  DatedSpring 1993  Pages467-496
Publication Date: 1993
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186.  Evaluation of a Jail-based Substance Abuse Treatment Program
NCJ Number   174697
Author: R Hughey; L W Klemke
Journal Federal Probation  Volume60  Issue4  DatedDecember 1996  Pages40-44
Publication Date: 1996
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187.  Specific Needs of Women Diagnosed With Mental Illnesses in U.S. Jails (From Women's Mental Health Services: A Public Health Perspective, P 368-389, 1998, Bruce Lubotsky Levin, Andrea K Blanch, et. al., eds)
NCJ Number   174816
Author: B M Veysey
Publication Date: 1998
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188.  Preparing Convicts for Law-Abiding Lives: The Pioneering Penology of Richard A. McGee
NCJ Number   174837
Author: D Glaser
Publication Date: 1995
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189.  Comparing Violent and Non-Violent Female Offenders on Risk and Need
NCJ Number   174935
Author: K. Blanchette
Journal Forum on Corrections Research  Volume9  Issue2  DatedMay 1997  Pages14-18
Publication Date: May 1997
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190.  Process Evaluation of the Wisconsin Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program: The Mental Illness-Chemical Abuse (MICA) Program at Oshkosh Correctional Institution, 1997/1998
NCJ Number   174986
Author: K R Van Stelle; D P Moberg
Publication Date: 1998
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191.  Coordinating Community Services for Mentally Ill Offenders: Maryland's Community Criminal Justice Treatment Program
NCJ Number   175046
Author: C Conly
Publication Date: 1999
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192.  Comparing Drug Use Rates of Detained Arrestees in the United States and England
NCJ Number   175052
Author: B Taylor; T Bennett
Publication Date: 1999
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193.  Community-Based Substance Abuse Treatment: A 1-year Outcome Evaluation of the Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center
NCJ Number   175081
Author: K Knight; M L Hiller
Journal Federal Probation  Volume61  Issue2  DatedJune 1997  Pages61-68
Publication Date: 1997
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194.  Patterns of Misconduct in the Federal Prison System
NCJ Number   175180
Author: C A Innes
Journal Criminal Justice Review  Volume22  Issue2  DatedAutumn 1997  Pages157-174
Publication Date: 1997
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195.  Developing New Perspectives on Managing Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders in the Criminal Justice System
NCJ Number   175213
Publication Date: 1996
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196.  Intervention Strategies for Offenders With Co-Occurring Disorders: What Works?
NCJ Number   175214
Author: R H Peters; H A Hills
Publication Date: 1997
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197.  Screening and Assessment of Co-Occurring Disorders in the Justice System
NCJ Number   175215
Author: R H Peters; M G Bartoi
Publication Date: 1997
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198.  Shifting Boundaries, Reducing Costs: Managed Behavioral Health Care and the Criminal Justice System
NCJ Number   175218
Author: J P Morrissey
Publication Date: 1996
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199.  Correctional Contexts: Contemporary and Classical Readings
NCJ Number   175237
Publication Date: 1997
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200.  Punishment Before Trial: Prison Conditions in Venezuela
NCJ Number   175257
Author: J Mariner; M Bochenek
Publication Date: 1997
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