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376.  Serious and Violent Young Offenders' Decisions To Recidivate: An Assessment of Five Sentencing Models
NCJ Number   199649
Author: Raymond R. Corrado; Irwin M. Cohen; William Glackman; Candice Odgers
Journal Crime & Delinquency  Volume49  Issue2  DatedApril 2003  Pages179-200
Publication Date: April 2003
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377.  Prevalence of Depression and Other Psychiatric Disorders Among Incarcerated Youths
NCJ Number   199696
Author: Dina Domalanta Domalanta M.D.; William Leigh Risser M.D.; Robert Edmund Roberts Ph.D.; Jan Mary Hale Risser Ph.D.
Journal Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry  Volume42  Issue4  DatedApril 2003  Pages477-484
Publication Date: April 2003
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378.  Incarcerating Juveniles Into Adulthood: Organizational Fields of Knowledge and the Back End of Waiver
NCJ Number   200078
Author: Simon I. Singer
Journal Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice  Volume1  Issue2  DatedApril 2003  Pages115-127
Publication Date: April 2003
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379.  Juvenile Offenders
NCJ Number   200327
Author: Cece Hill
Journal Corrections Compendium  Volume28  Issue5  DatedMay 2003  Pages9-14
Publication Date: May 2003
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380.  Juvenile Probation - Not Just Another Job
NCJ Number   200404
Publication Date: 2003
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381.  Illinois Department of Corrections: Fiscal Year 2002 Annual Report
NCJ Number   200870
Publication Date: December 2003
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382.  Prevalence of Alcohol and Drug Use in an Adolescent Training Facility
NCJ Number   201177
Author: Rebecca Labeau-Craven M.P.H; Lynda Stein Ph.D.; Nancy Barnett Ph.D.; Suzanne M. Colby Ph.D.; Joe L. Smith LCDP; Anna L. Canto C.D.P
Journal Substance Use & Misuse  Volume38  Issue7  Dated2003  Pages825-834
Publication Date: 2003
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383.  Alberta Program Opens Communication Between Communities and Young Offenders
NCJ Number   201519
Author: Kevin O'Brien; Paulette Rodziewicz
Journal Corrections Today  Volume65  Issue4  DatedJuly 2003  Pages74,76
Publication Date: July 2003
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384.  Elements of Criminal Justice, Second Edition
NCJ Number   201841
Author: James A. Inciardi
Publication Date: 2000
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385.  It's Your Right to Know: A Research Guide on Juvenile Justice in California
NCJ Number   202243
Publication Date: April 2003
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386.  West Virginia Juvenile Corrections, 2000 Annual Report
NCJ Number   202622
Author: Autumn Lucas
Publication Date: February 2002
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387.  Evaluation Findings: The Detention Diversion Advocacy Program Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
NCJ Number   202623
Author: Lisa B. Feldman M.A.; Charis E. Kubrin Ph.D.
Publication Date: August 7, 2002
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388.  Reentry of Young Offenders From the Justice System: A Developmental Perspective
NCJ Number   203812
Author: Laurence Steinberg; He Len Chung; Michelle Little
Journal Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice  Volume2  Issue1  DatedJanuary 2004  Pages21-38
Publication Date: January 2004
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389.  Juvenile Offenders' Perceptions of Community Service (From Repositioning Restorative Justice, P 149-166, 2003, Lode Walgrave, ed., -- See NCJ-204284)
NCJ Number   204290
Author: Isabelle Delens-Ravier
Publication Date: 2003
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390.  Show & Tell: Missouri's Division of Youth Services Acts as a National Model
NCJ Number   204571
Author: Dick Mendel
Journal Corrections Today  Volume66  Issue1  DatedFebruary 2004  Pages56-59
Publication Date: February 2004
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391.  Are Some States or Territories More Delinquent Than Others?: Inter-jurisdictional Comparisons
NCJ Number   204817
Author: Father Peter Norden
Publication Date: December 1, 2003
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392.  Treating Sticky Fingers: An Evaluation of Treatment and Education for Shoplifters
NCJ Number   205525
Author: Gail A. Caputo
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume38  Issue3  Dated2004  Pages49-68
Publication Date: 2004
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393.  European Trends and Transatlantic Inspiration: Youth Offending and Juvenile Justice (From Punishment, Places and Perpetrators: Developments in Criminology and Criminal Justice Research, P 113-137, 2004, Gerben Bruinsma, Henk Elffers, et al., eds. -- See NCJ-206450)
NCJ Number   206457
Author: Peter H. van der Laan
Publication Date: 2004
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394.  Juvenile Justice Policy: Current Trends and 21st-Century Issues (From Juvenile Justice Sourcebook: Past, Present, and Future, P 41-68, 2004, Albert R. Roberts, ed. -- See NCJ-206597)
NCJ Number   206599
Author: C. Aaron McNeece; Sherry Jackson
Publication Date: 2004
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395.  Fall 2003 Colorado Division of Criminal Justice Adult Prison and Parole Population Projections: Juvenile Commitment and Parole Population Projections
NCJ Number   206860
Author: Linda Harrison; Nicole Hetz
Publication Date: December 2003
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396.  Alternatives to the Secure Detention and Confinement of Juvenile Offenders
NCJ Number   208804
Author: James Austin; Kelly Dedel Johnson; Ronald Weitzer
Publication Date: September 2005
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397.  Planning Community-Based Facilities for Violent Juvenile Offenders as Part of a System of Graduated Sanctions
NCJ Number   209326
Author: Shelley Zavick M.Ed.
Publication Date: August 2005
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398.  Resource Reallocation: The Clark County Experience
NCJ Number   210157
Publication Date: 2004
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399.  Introduction: Boot Camps Revisted--Issues, Problems, Prospects
NCJ Number   210496
Author: Brent B. Benda
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume40  Issue3/4  Dated2005  Pages1-25
Publication Date: 2005
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400.  From Optimistic Policies to Pessimistic Outcomes: Why Won't Boot Camps Either Succeed Pragmatically or Succumb Politically?
NCJ Number   210497
Author: Jeanne B. Stinchcomb
Journal Journal of Offender Rehabilitation  Volume40  Issue3/4  Dated2005  Pages27-52
Publication Date: 2005
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