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101.  Community Courts: Prospects and Limits
NCJ Number   184881
Author: David B. Rottman Ph.D.
Journal National Institute of Justice Journal  Issue231  DatedAugust 1996  Pages46-51
Publication Date: August 1996
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102.  OJJDP Tribal Youth Program
NCJ Number   185317
Author: Chyrl Andrews
Journal Juvenile Justice  Volume7  Issue2  DatedDecember 2000  Pages9-19
Publication Date: December 2000
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103.  About the Drug Courts Program Office
NCJ Number   185343
Publication Date: June 2000
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104.  Legal and Judicial Reform as a Central Feature of Good Governance: The Case of the Republic of Yemen (From Government Ethics and Law Enforcement: Toward Global Guidelines, P 78-94, 2000, Yassin El-Ayouty, Kevin J. Ford, et al., eds.)
NCJ Number   185586
Author: Yassin El-Ayouty
Publication Date: 2000
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105.  Census of Problem-Solving Courts, 2012
NCJ Number   249803
Author: Suzanne M. Strong; Ramona R. Rantala; Tracey Kyckelhahn
Publication Date: September 2016
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106.  Hope and Harmony, All of Us Together: How Seven Native American Tribes Reduced Crime and Violence
NCJ Number   186730
Publication Date: 2001
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107.  OJJDP Research 2000 Report
NCJ Number   186732
Publication Date: May 2001
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108.  Public Law 280 and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act: Could Two Wrongs Ever Be Made Into a Right?
NCJ Number   187434
Author: Daniel Twetten
Journal Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology  Volume90  Issue4  DatedSummer 2000  Pages1317-1351
Publication Date: 2000
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109.  Evaluation/Assessment of Navajo Peacemaking
NCJ Number   187675
Author: Eric K. Gross
Publication Date: February 1999
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110.  Native Americans and Criminal Justice (From Multicultural Perspectives in Criminal Justice and Criminology, Second Edition, P 131-150, 2000, James E. Hendricks and Bryan D. Byers, eds. --See NCJ-187793)
NCJ Number   187796
Author: Kurt Siedschlaw; James N. Gilbert
Publication Date: 2000
Abstract   Find in a Library
111.  Renewed Commitment to Juvenile Justice
NCJ Number   188055
Author: Michael D. Breen Ph.D.
Journal Police Chief  Volume68  Issue3  DatedMarch 2001  Pages47,50-51,52
Publication Date: March 2001
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112.  Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts: The Key Components
NCJ Number   188154
Publication Date: April 2003
Abstract  PDF  Text   Find in a Library
113.  Peacemaking: From Conflict to Harmony in the Navaho Tradition
NCJ Number   188431
Author: Ted Rubin
Journal Juvenile Justice Update  Volume7  Issue1  DatedFebruary/March 2001  Pages1-2,14-15,16
Publication Date: 2001
Abstract   Find in a Library
114.  Structuring the Cherokee Nation Justice System: The History and Function of the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service
NCJ Number   188801
Author: William P. Heck; Ralph Keen Jr.; Michael R. Wilds
Journal Criminal Justice Policy Review  Volume12  Issue1  DatedMarch 2001  Pages26-42
Publication Date: March 2001
Abstract   Find in a Library
115.  Welcome to the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Detention Center
NCJ Number   189036
Author: Adam B. Gallegos
Journal American Jails  Volume14  Issue4  DatedSeptember/October 2000  Pages25-28
Publication Date: 2000
Abstract   Find in a Library
116.  Case Studies on the Center for Sex Offender Management's National Resource Sites, 2nd Edition
NCJ Number   189097
Publication Date: April 2001
Abstract  PDF  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
117.  Indian Tribal Sovereignty: Criminal Jurisdiction and Procedure
NCJ Number   189159
Author: Michael J. Bulzomi J.D.
Journal FBi Law Enforcement Bulletin  Volume70  Issue6  DatedJune 2001  Pages24-32
Publication Date: 2001
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
118.  United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc.
NCJ Number   189412
Author: Yumi Sagiri
Publication Date: August 2001
Abstract  PDF  Text   Find in a Library
119.  Journey Through the Federal Justice System
NCJ Number   190297
Publication Date: 2000
Abstract   Find in a Library
120.  National Training Conference 2000 for Criminal Justice and Community Leaders, 12th Annual
NCJ Number   190443
Publication Date: 2000
Abstract  PDF  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
121.  Ho-Chunk Nation Community Service Program
NCJ Number   190986
Publication Date: 2001
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
122.  Emmonak Juveniles and the Elders' Group
NCJ Number   191066
Journal Alaska Justice Forum  Volume18  Issue2  DatedSummer 2001  Pages1,3,5-7,8
Publication Date: 2001
Abstract   Find in a Library
123.  Effective Administration of Criminal Justice for the Prevention of Corrupt Activities by Public Officials: The Nigerian Position (From Resource Material Series No. 56, P 476-481, 2000, Hiroshi Iitsuka and Rebecca Findlay-Debeck, eds. -- See NCJ-191475)
NCJ Number   191511
Author: Onuoha E. Ifeanyi
Publication Date: December 2000
Abstract   Find in a Library
124.  Successful Native American Programs
NCJ Number   191843
Author: Andrea G. Richards
Publication Date: February 1996
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
125.  Full Faith and Credit for Custody Orders: Improvements Brought by the UCCJEA and VAWA II
NCJ Number   191930
Author: Joan Zorza
Journal Domestic Violence Report  Volume7  Issue1  DatedOctober/November 2001  Pages1-2,10,11
Publication Date: 2001
Abstract   Find in a Library

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