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1.  Map Quest: While Most Agree the Time Has Come for GIS Tactical Crime Analysis, the Million-Dollar Question is Which Methodologies are Most Accurate
NCJ Number   213205
Author: Donna Rogers
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume33  Issue1  DatedJanuary 2006  Pages60,62-64,66,69
Publication Date: January 2006
Abstract  DOC   Find in a Library
2.  Tracking the Predator
NCJ Number   211940
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
3.  Kansas City Shares the Crime
NCJ Number   211916
Publication Date: 2003
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
4.  X Marks the Spot
NCJ Number   211759
Publication Date: 1998
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
5.  CrimeStat III--A Spatial Statistics Program for the Analysis of Crime Incident Locations
NCJ Number   209264
Author: Ned Levin
Publication Date: November 2004
Abstract  PDF  PDF  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
6.  Methodology for Evaluating Geographic Profiling Software, Final Report
NCJ Number   208993
Author: Tom Rich; Michael Shively Ph.D.
Publication Date: December 2004
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7.  GIS Technology Provides Aerial Views of Crime Scene
NCJ Number   208919
Author: Thomas Quail
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume32  Issue2  DatedFebruary 2005  Pages100,102,104,105
Publication Date: February 2005
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
8.  Crime-mapping in Crime Prevention Partnerships: Drivers and Inhibitors
NCJ Number   208795
Author: Joe Organ
Journal Crime Prevention and Community Safety: An International Journal  Volume7  Issue1  Dated2005  Pages19-29
Publication Date: 2005
Abstract   Find in a Library
9.  Special Technologies for Law Enforcement and Corrections
NCJ Number   208707
Author: William Falcon
Journal National Institute of Justice Journal  Issue252  DatedJuly 2005  Pages22-27
Publication Date: July 2005
Abstract  HTML  PDF   Find in a Library
10.  Crime Mapping and the Training Needs of Law Enforcement
NCJ Number   207470
Author: Jerry H. Ratcliffe
Journal European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research  Volume10  Issue1  Dated2004  Pages65-83
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
11.  North Carolina's Experimental Use of GPS to Provide an "Integrated" GIS Analysis for Truck-Involved Crashes and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Activities
NCJ Number   206814
Author: Ronald G. Hughes Ph.D.; Marc Stanard
Journal Crime Mapping News  Volume6  Issue2  DatedSpring 2004  Pages1,4,7
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
12.  How to Analyze and Battle Incidents of Graffiti: CGrAS -- Citywide Graffiti Abatement System
NCJ Number   206815
Author: Safa Egilmez
Journal Crime Mapping News  Volume6  Issue2  DatedSpring 2004  Pages2-3
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
13.  Conference Summary: Seventh Annual International Crime Mapping Research Conference March 31 to April 3, 2004
NCJ Number   206816
Author: Greg Jones
Journal Crime Mapping News  Volume6  Issue2  DatedSpring 2004  Pages8-9
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
14.  Using GIS in Corrections Management
NCJ Number   206172
Author: Christa Miller
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume31  Issue6  DatedJune 2004  Pages168,170,173
Publication Date: June 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
15.  Police Officers' Perceptions of Maps and Aerial Photographs
NCJ Number   205943
Author: Philip Canter; Keith Harries
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
16.  Innovative Crime Mapping Techniques and Spatial Analysis
NCJ Number   204432
Author: John Mollenkopf; Victor Goldsmith
Publication Date: 1997
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
17.  Acknowledging the Influence of Geographic Outliers: An Analytical Caution in Examining Chronic Repeat Victimization
NCJ Number   204216
Author: Gisela Bichler
Journal Security Journal  Volume17  Issue1  Dated2004  Pages31-49
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
18.  Crime Mapping: New Tools for Law Enforcement
NCJ Number   202794
Author: Irvin B. Vann; G. David Garson
Publication Date: 2003
Abstract   Find in a Library
19.  Powerful Combination of Intranets and Mapping
NCJ Number   200802
Author: William Lutz
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume30  Issue6  DatedJune 2003  Pages118,120,122
Publication Date: June 2003
Abstract   Find in a Library
20.  On the Map: Crime Analysis Software Helps Officers Connect the Dots
NCJ Number   200429
Author: Christa Miller
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume30  Issue5  DatedMay 2003  Pages38-43
Publication Date: May 2003
Abstract   Find in a Library
21.  Users Guide to Mapping Software for Police Agencies, Third Edition
NCJ Number   199268
Publication Date: November 2001
Abstract  PDF  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
22.  Development of GIS-Based Investigation Support Software
NCJ Number   198381
Author: Takahito Shimada; Mamoru Suzuki; Kazumi Watanabe; Yutaka Harada; Masayuki Tamura
Journal Reports of the National Research Institute of Police Science  Volume41  Issue1-2  DatedMarch 2001  Pages11-27
Publication Date: March 2001
Abstract   Find in a Library
23.  ESRI'S GIS Solution for Law Enforcement (CD-ROM)
NCJ Number   198322
Publication Date: 2002
24.  Spatial Analysis as a Policy Making Tool: Wilmington Crime Index
NCJ Number   197303
Author: Jack O'Connell
Publication Date: October 2002
Abstract  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
25.  Uncovering the True Picture: Evaluating Crime Reduction Initiatives Using Disaggregate Crime Data
NCJ Number   197234
Author: Shane D. Johnson; Kate J. Bowers; Chris Young; Alex F. G. Hirschfield
Journal Crime Prevention and Community Safety: An International Journal  Volume3  Issue4  Dated2001  Pages7-24
Publication Date: 2001
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