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1.  Medical Conditions, Mental Health Problems, Disabilities, and Mortality Among Jail Inmates
NCJ Number   249868
Author: April Trotter; Margaret Noonan
Publication Date: May 2016
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
2.  On the Prevalence of Veteran Deaths in State Prisons
NCJ Number   249299
Journal Criminal Justice Policy Review  VolumeOnline First  DatedApril 2015
Publication Date: April 2015
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
3.  Jails in Indian Country, 2015
NCJ Number   250117
Publication Date: 2016
Abstract  Agency Summary  PDF (Summary)  PDF (Full Report)  Text   Find in a Library
4.  Juvenile Residential Facility Census, 2014: Selected Findings
NCJ Number   250123
Publication Date: September 2016
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
5.  Assessing Inmate Cause of Death: Deaths in Custody Reporting Program and National Health Index
NCJ Number   249568
Author: Zhen Zeng; Margaret Noonan; E. Ann Carson; Ingrid Binswanger; Patrick Blatchford; Hope Smiley-McDonald; Chris Ellis
Publication Date: April 2016
Abstract  Agency Summary  PDF  Text   Find in a Library
6.  HIV in Prisons, 2004
NCJ Number   213897
Author: Laura M Maruschak
Publication Date: November 2006
Abstract  Agency Summary  PDF  Text   Find in a Library
7.  Slow Pursuits Lead to Fast and Safe Apprehensions
NCJ Number   213545
Author: John Specht
Journal Police Chief  Volume73  Issue3  DatedMarch 2006  Pages57-59
Publication Date: March 2006
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
8.  Prisons Statistics of Sri Lanka, 2005
NCJ Number   213253
Publication Date: 2005
Abstract   Find in a Library
9.  Sickle Cell Anaemia and Deaths in Custody in the UK and the USA
NCJ Number   213147
Author: Simon M. Dyson; Gwyneth Boswell
Journal Howard Journal of Criminal Justice  Volume45  Issue1  DatedFebruary 2006  Pages14-28
Publication Date: February 2006
Abstract   Find in a Library
10.  Serious Incidents: Guidance Updating Policy and Guidance on Reviewing Serious Incidents
NCJ Number   212520
Publication Date: 2005
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
11.  Deaths in Custody in Australia: National Deaths in Custody Program Annual Report 2004
NCJ Number   212535
Author: Jacqueline Joudo; Marissa Veld
Publication Date: 2005
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
12.  Institutional Conditions and Prison Suicide: Conditional Effects of Deprivation and Overcrowding
NCJ Number   212219
Author: Meredith P. Huey; Thomas L. McNulty
Journal The Prison Journal  Volume85  Issue4  DatedDecember 2005  Pages490-514
Publication Date: December 2005
Abstract   Find in a Library
13.  United Nations Standards and Norms in Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
NCJ Number   211407
Publication Date: April 19, 2005
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
14.  Death of Offenders in Switzerland
NCJ Number   210934
Author: Ghazala Sattar; Martin Killias
Journal European Journal of Criminology  Volume2  Issue3  DatedJuly 2005  Pages317-340
Publication Date: July 2005
Abstract   Find in a Library
15.  Death in Custody, California
NCJ Number   210748
Author: Robert R. Springborn Ph.D.
Publication Date: May 2005
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
16.  Suicide and Homicide in State Prisons and Local Jails
NCJ Number   210036
Author: Christopher J. Mumola
Publication Date: August 2005
Abstract  Agency Summary  PDF  Text   Find in a Library
17.  Monitoring Injuries in Police Custody: A Feasibility and Utility Study
NCJ Number   209631
Author: Jo Sallybanks
Publication Date: 2005
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
18.  Is Suicide More Common Inside or Outside of Juvenile Facilities?
NCJ Number   209176
Author: Howard N. Snyder
Journal Corrections Today  Volume67  Issue1  DatedFebruary 2005  Pages84-85,88
Publication Date: February 2005
Abstract   Find in a Library
19.  Old Cops Know "Stuff"--If You Want To Make it Home Alive at the End of Your Shift, Heed the Advice of Veteran Cops
NCJ Number   207816
Author: Roy Huntington
Journal Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine  Volume28  Issue10  DatedOctober 2004  Pages58,60,63
Publication Date: October 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
20.  Suing the Abuser: Tort Remedies for Domestic Violence
NCJ Number   207272
Author: Brian K. Zoeller; Patrick Schmiedt
Journal Victim Advocate  Volume4  Issue3  DatedSpring 2004  Pages11-14
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
21.  Human Rights and the Police (From Policing in Central and Eastern Europe: Deviance, Violence, and Victimization, P 349-355, 2002, Milan Pagon, ed. -- See NCJ-206198)
NCJ Number   206208
Author: Marson H. Johnson; Sergei E. Paromchik
Publication Date: 2002
Abstract   Find in a Library
22.  Positional Asphyxia--Sudden Death
NCJ Number   206121
Publication Date: June 1995
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
23.  Delaware Department of Correction Incarceration Fact Book, 2000
NCJ Number   205676
Author: John P. O'Connell; Charles J. Huenke Jr.; Kara W. Wrede
Publication Date: January 2004
Abstract  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
24.  Practical Pepper Spray Training
NCJ Number   205593
Author: Dwayne Orrick
Journal Law and Order  Volume52  Issue4  DatedApril 2004  Pages100-103
Publication Date: April 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
25.  Investigative Report Into the Deaths of Seven Vermont Inmates and Related Issues
NCJ Number   205329
Author: Michael Marks; Philip McLaughlin
Publication Date: March 13, 2004
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library

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