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1.  Use of Force: The Correlation Between Law Enforcement and Clinical Care
NCJ Number   213326
Author: Mark Ellsworth
Journal Corrections Today Magazine  Volume68  Issue1  DatedFebruary 2006  Pages34-36
Publication Date: February 2006
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2.  Police Categorization and Disposition of Non-Lethal Partner Violence Incidents Involving Women Offenders in a Statewide Rural Jurisdiction With a Presumptive Arrest Policy
NCJ Number   213041
Author: Stan Shernock Ph.D.
Journal Family Violence & Sexual Assault Bulletin  Volume21  Issue2/3  DatedSummer/Fall 2005  Pages11-17
Publication Date: 2005
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3.  Skin Penetration Assessment of Less Lethal Kinetic Energy Munitions
NCJ Number   212653
Author: Cynthia A. Bir Ph.D.; Shelby J. Stewart M.S.; Marianne Wilhelm Ph.D.
Journal Journal of Forensic Sciences  Volume50  Issue6  DatedNovember 2005  Pages1426-1429
Publication Date: November 2005
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4.  OC Spray: Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Spray Use by Queensland Police
NCJ Number   212407
Publication Date: October 2005
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5.  JUSTNET Goes to College
NCJ Number   211890
Publication Date: 2002
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
6.  From Idea to Invention
NCJ Number   211849
Publication Date: 2001
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
7.  How "Less" Is Less Than Lethal?
NCJ Number   211820
Publication Date: 2000
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
8.  Quest for Less Lethal Systems
NCJ Number   211142
Author: Scott Oldham
Journal Law and Order  Volume53  Issue8  DatedAugust 2005  Pages94-100
Publication Date: August 2005
Abstract  DOC   Find in a Library
9.  Taser Weapons: Use of Tasers by Selected Law Enforcement Agencies
NCJ Number   210717
Publication Date: May 2005
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
10.  Use of Electro-Muscular Disruption Devices (EMDs) in Higher Education Law Enforcement
NCJ Number   210184
Author: Randy Mingo; Ross Wolf; Charles Mesloh; Tina Kelchner
Journal Campus Law Enforcement Journal  Volume35  Issue2  DatedMarch/April 2005  Pages29-32
Publication Date: March 2005
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11.  In Search of the Star Trek Phaser
NCJ Number   209426
Author: Dean Scoville
Journal Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine  Volume29  Issue3  DatedMarch 2005  Pages46-50
Publication Date: March 2005
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12.  Use of Force, Civil Litigation, and the Taser: One Agency's Experience
NCJ Number   209260
Author: Steve Hougland Ph.D.; Charlie Mesloh Ph.D.; Mark Henych Ph.D.
Publication Date: March 2005
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
13.  Navigating the Learning Curve
NCJ Number   208784
Author: John Rose
Journal Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine  Volume29  Issue2  DatedFebruary 2005  Pages42-45,48,50
Publication Date: February 2005
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14.  Report of the Pepper Spray Committee Civilian Complaint Review Board
NCJ Number   208440
Author: Charles M. Greinsky; Sheri Holland; Jules Martin
Publication Date: October 2000
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
15.  Defusing Dangerous Encounters: Less-Lethal Options Exist to Bring Tragic Situations to a Safer Conclusion
NCJ Number   207836
Author: Darrell Laurant
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume31  Issue10  DatedOctober 2004  Pages150,152-154,156
Publication Date: October 2004
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16.  Less Lethal Technology: The TASER X26
NCJ Number   207837
Author: Eugene Nielsen
Journal Law Enforcement Technology  Volume31  Issue10  DatedOctober 2004  Pages164,166,169
Publication Date: October 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
17.  Violent Encounters: A Criminal Event Analysis of Lethal and Nonlethal Outcomes
NCJ Number   207359
Author: Greg S. Weaver; Janice E. Clifford Wittekind; Lin Huff-Corzine; Jay Corzine; Thomas A. Petee; John P. Jarvis
Journal Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice  Volume20  Issue4  DatedNovember 2004  Pages348-368
Publication Date: November 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
18.  Fight with White Light
NCJ Number   206786
Author: Eugene Nielsen
Journal Law and Order  Volume52  Issue6  DatedJune 2004  Pages26-28
Publication Date: June 2004
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19.  Pepper Spray: An Unreasonable Response to Suspect Verbal Resistance
NCJ Number   206589
Author: Otto M. J. Adang; Jos Mensink
Journal Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management  Volume27  Issue2  Dated2004  Pages206-219
Publication Date: 2004
Abstract   Find in a Library
20.  Tech Profiles: Making a Difference
NCJ Number   206125
Publication Date: 2003
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
21.  Performance Characterization Study: Noise Flash Diversionary Devices (NFDDs), Final Report
NCJ Number   205642
Publication Date: December 2003
Abstract  PDF (Final Report)  PDF (Appendix 1)  PDF (Appendix 2)  PDF (Appendix 3)  PDF (Appendix 4)  PDF (Appendix 5)  PDF (Appendix 6)  PDF (Appendix 7)  PDF (Appendix 8)  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
22.  Law Enforcement Technology--Are Small and Rural Agencies Equipped and Trained?
NCJ Number   204609
Publication Date: June 2004
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
23.  Homeland Security: Federal Action Needed to Address Security Challenges at Chemical Facilities
NCJ Number   204324
Author: John B. Stephenson
Publication Date: February 23, 2004
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
24.  Firearm Related Deaths in Australia, 1991-2001
NCJ Number   203874
Author: Jenny Mouzos; Catherine Rushforth
Publication Date: November 2003
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
25.  Pragmatic Gun Policy (From Evaluating Gun Policy: Effects on Crime and Violence, P 1-37, 2003, Philip J. Cook and Jens Ludwig, eds. -- See NCJ-203338)
NCJ Number   203339
Author: Philip J. Cook; Jens Ludwig
Publication Date: 2003
Abstract   Find in a Library

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