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NCJ Number   67302
Author: R APREA
Journal POLICE NATIONALE  Issue109  Dated(MARCH 1979)  Pages26-32
Publication Date: 1979
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2.  Evaluating a Researcher-Practitioner Partnership and Field Experiment
NCJ Number   249807
Author: Richard Rosenfeld
Publication Date: March 2016
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
3.  Weapon Involvement in the Victimization of Children
NCJ Number   249203
Author: Kimberly J. Mitchell; Sherry L. Hamby; Heather A. Turner; Anne Shattuck; Lisa M. Jones
Journal Pediatrics  Volume136  Issue1  DatedJuly 2015  Pages1-10
Publication Date: June 2015
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
4.  Geographic and Temporal Sequencing of Serial Rape: Final Report Submitted to the National Institute of Justice
NCJ Number   162419
Author: J Warren; R Reboussin; R R Hazelwood
Publication Date: 1995
Abstract  PDF  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
5.  Reducing Youth Gun Violence
NCJ Number   162421
Publication Date: 1996
Abstract  HTML (View Broadcast)  Text (Participant Packet)   Find in a Library
6.  Youth Violence: A Community-Based Response -- One City's Success Story
NCJ Number   162601
Publication Date: 1996
Abstract  Text   Find in a Library
7.  International Terrorism: Policy Implications
NCJ Number   163475
Publication Date: 1991
Abstract   Find in a Library
8.  Emerging Threat of Transnational Organized Crime From the East
NCJ Number   163483
Author: W H Myers III
Journal Crime, Law & Social Change  Volume24  Dated(1996)  Pages181-222
Publication Date: 1996
Abstract   Find in a Library
9.  Changing Profile of the Texas Youth Commission Population
NCJ Number   163648
Author: S Birch; N Arrigona
Publication Date: 1996
Abstract   Find in a Library
10.  Juvenile Arrests 1995
NCJ Number   163813
Author: Howard N. Snyder
Publication Date: 1997
Abstract  PDF  Text   Find in a Library
11.  Street Gangs and Crime: Patterns and Trends in Chicago
NCJ Number   164065
Author: C R Block; A Christakos; A Jacob; R Przybylski
Publication Date: 1996
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12.  Homicide in Canada -- 1995
NCJ Number   164099
Author: O Fedorowycz
Journal Juristat  Volume16  Issue11  Dated(July 1996)  Pages1-15
Publication Date: 1996
Abstract   Find in a Library
13.  Canadian Crime Statistics, 1995
NCJ Number   164100
Author: D Hendrick
Journal Juristat  Volume16  Issue10  Dated(July 1996)  Pages1-21
Publication Date: 1996
Abstract   Find in a Library
14.  In Defense of Three-Strikes: Analyzing the Impact of California's 1994 Anti-Crime Measures
NCJ Number   164113
Author: R J Pestritto Jr
Publication Date: 1994
Abstract   Find in a Library
15.  Characteristics of Adults on Probation, 1995
NCJ Number   164267
Author: T P Bonczar
Publication Date: 1997
Abstract  Agency Summary  PDF   Find in a Library
16.  Profile of Jail Inmates 1996
NCJ Number   164620
Author: C W Harlow
Publication Date: 1998
Abstract  Agency Summary  PDF  Text   Find in a Library
17.  Criminal Behavior of Gang Members
NCJ Number   164725
Author: R Huff
Publication Date: 1997
Abstract   Find in a Library
18.  Typology of Interpersonal Stalking
NCJ Number   164855
Author: J A Wright; A G Burgess; A W Burgess; A T Laszlo; G O McCrary; J E Douglas
Journal Journal of Interpersonal Violence  Volume11  Issue4  Dated(December 1996)  Pages487-502
Publication Date: 1996
Abstract   Find in a Library
19.  Connecticut's Family Violence Reporting Program: Summary of Incidents Involving Arrest 1987-1995
NCJ Number   164910
Author: D Reed; P O'Hagan
Publication Date: 1995
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20.  Case for Reinventing Juvenile Transfer: The Record of Transfer of Juvenile Offenders to Criminal Court in Cook County, Illinois
NCJ Number   165044
Author: E E Clarke
Journal Juvenile and Family Court Journal  Volume47  Issue4  Dated(Fall 1996)  Pages3-21
Publication Date: 1996
Abstract   Find in a Library
21.  Gangs and Youth Violence: Recent Research (From Sourcebook on Serious, Violent, and Chronic Juvenile Offenders, P 261-274, 1995, James C. Howell, Barry Krisberg, et. al., eds)
NCJ Number   165072
Author: J C Howell
Publication Date: 1995
Abstract   Find in a Library
22.  Criminal Behavior of Gang Members and Nongang At-Risk Youth (From Gangs in America, Second Edition, P 75-102, 1996, C Ronald Huff, ed. -- See NCJ-165296)
NCJ Number   165300
Author: C R Huff
Publication Date: 1996
Abstract   Find in a Library
23.  Gangs and the Community -- Section C: Gang Development and Strategies in Schools and Suburban Communities (From Gangs in America, Second Edition, P 270-280, 1996, C Ronald Huff, ed. -- See NCJ-165296)
NCJ Number   165311
Author: K S Trump
Publication Date: 1996
Abstract   Find in a Library
24.  Guns in America: National Survey on Private Ownership and Use of Firearms, Research in Brief
NCJ Number   165476
Author: P J Cook; J Ludwig
Publication Date: 1997
Abstract  PDF  Text   Find in a Library
25.  Violence of Street Gangs
NCJ Number   165573
Author: D Dighton
Journal Compiler  Volume16  Issue2  Dated(Fall 1996)  Pages4-6
Publication Date: 1996
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library

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