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1.  Police Research in the United States and the Role of the National Institute of Justice (From Police and the Community: Contributions Concerning the Relationship Between Police and the Community and Concerning Community Policing, P 7-18, 1990, Thomas Feltes and Erich Rebscher, eds.)
NCJ Number   129771
Author: J K Stewart
Publication Date: 1990
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2.  Law and Drugs in the United Kingdom (From Frontieres de la repression, 2, 1974, P 149-167 - See NCJ-83148)
NCJ Number   83149
Author: J Woodcock
Publication Date: 1974
Abstract   Find in a Library
3.  Model Programs Guide Literature Review: Community- and Problem-Oriented Policing
NCJ Number   249695
Publication Date: 2010
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
4.  Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents: An Overview
NCJ Number   249229
Publication Date: October 2014
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
5.  Identifying Effective Counter-Trafficking Programs and Practices in the U.S.: Legislative, Legal, and Public Opinion Strategies that Work
NCJ Number   249670
Author: Vanessa Bouche; Amy Farrell; Dana Wittmer
Publication Date: January 2016
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
6.  Investigation of Biographical Information as a Predictor of Employment Termination Among Law Enforcement Officers
NCJ Number   212744
Author: Adrianne M. Brennan; Robert D. Davis; Cary D. Rostow
Journal Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology  Volume20  Issue2  DatedFall 2005  Pages1-7
Publication Date: 2005
Abstract   Find in a Library
7.  Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents: Coordination and Response
NCJ Number   249230
Publication Date: October 2014
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
8.  Safeguarding Children at the Time of Parental Arrest: Law Enforcement Pre-Arrest/Arrest Checklist
NCJ Number   249212
Publication Date: May 2015
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
9.  Protecting Children of Arrested Parents: Steps for Developing and Implementing an Effective Policy
NCJ Number   249213
Author: Rachael Kilshaw
Journal Police Chief  Volume82  Issue1  DatedJanuary 2015  Pages52-55
Publication Date: January 2015
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library
10.  TECHBeat, November/December 2015
NCJ Number   249563
Journal TECHBeat  DatedNovember/December 2015  Pages1-19
Publication Date: December 2015
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
11.  Police-Community Partnerships to Address Domestic Violence
NCJ Number   213590
Author: Melissa Reuland; Melissa Schaefer Morabito; Camille Preston; Jason Cheney
Publication Date: 2006
Abstract  Agency Summary  PDF  Text  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
12.  Taking the Plunge: Officers Who Work Around Water Need To Know More Than Just How To Swim--They Need To Know How To Be Cops in Deep Water
NCJ Number   213955
Author: Dave Young
Journal Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine  Volume30  Issue4  DatedApril 2006  Pages24-26,28
Publication Date: April 2006
Abstract   Find in a Library
13.  Taking Gangs to Task
NCJ Number   213239
Author: Shelly Feuer Domash
Journal Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine  Volume30  Issue2  DatedFebruary 2006  Pages44-46,48
Publication Date: February 2006
Abstract  DOC   Find in a Library
14.  Engagement of Policing Ideals and Their Relationship to the Exercise of Discretionary Powers
NCJ Number   212862
Author: Claudia Mendias; E. James Kehoe
Journal Criminal Justice and Behavior  Volume33  Issue1  DatedFebruary 2006  Pages70-92
Publication Date: February 2006
Abstract   Find in a Library
15.  Measuring What We Do
NCJ Number   212821
Author: Lisa Sprague
Journal Campus Law Enforcement Journal  Volume35  Issue6  DatedNovember/December 2005  Pages19-21,23,25
Publication Date: November 2005
Abstract   Find in a Library
16.  Changing Face of the Yakuza (From: Global Crime Today: The Changing Face of Organized Crime, P 97-116, 2005, Mark Galeotti, ed., -- See NCJ-212828)
NCJ Number   212829
Author: Peter Hill
Publication Date: 2005
17.  Federal Law Enforcement Officers, 2004
NCJ Number   212750
Author: Brian A Reaves Ph.D.
Publication Date: July 2006
Abstract  Agency Summary  PDF  Text   Find in a Library
18.  Officer Down: Implications of Three Strikes for Public Safety
NCJ Number   212551
Author: Jeffry L. Johnson; Michelle A. Saint-Germain
Journal Criminal Justice Policy Review  Volume16  Issue4  DatedDecember 2005  Pages443-460
Publication Date: December 2005
Abstract   Find in a Library
19.  Layers of Meaning: Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement Attitudes in Arizona
NCJ Number   212533
Author: Richard Toon Ph.D.; Bill Hart
Publication Date: December 2005
Abstract  PDF  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
20.  Working Together to Stop the Prostitution of Children
NCJ Number   212279
Publication Date: December 2003
Abstract  HTML (Broadcast Overview)   Find in a Library
21.  Performance Objectives for the PC 832 Course
NCJ Number   212076
Publication Date: 1994
Abstract   Find in a Library
22.  Guidelines for Law Enforcement Response to Domestic Violence
NCJ Number   212079
Publication Date: 1996
Abstract   Find in a Library
23.  Evaluation of Operation Weed and Seed in Wilmington, Delaware, 2001 to 2004
NCJ Number   212021
Author: Richard J. Harris; John P. O'Connell; Stephen Wilhite
Publication Date: July 2005
Abstract  PDF  Add To Shopping cart Find in a Library
24.  CSI: El Segundo
NCJ Number   211947
Publication Date: 2005
Abstract  PDF   Find in a Library
25.  This Is One Crime That Didn't Compute
NCJ Number   211815
Publication Date: 1999
Abstract  HTML   Find in a Library

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