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1.  Evaluation of the Saughton Drug Reduction Programme; Main Report
NCJ Number   166167
Author: D Shewan; S Macpherson; M M Reid; J B Davies
Publication Date: 1994
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2.  Working Model for Inmate Training in Correctional Industries
NCJ Number   170835
Author: T J Mann
Journal Journal of Correctional Education  Volume48  Issue4  Dated(December 1997)  Pages166-176
Publication Date: 1997
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3.  Comparative Recidivism Analysis of Releases From Private and Public Prisons
NCJ Number   176210
Author: L Lanza-Kaduce; K F Parker; C W Thomas
Journal Crime and Delinquency  Volume45  Issue1  DatedJanuary 1999  Pages28-47
Publication Date: 1999
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4.  Amity Prison TC Evaluation: Reincarceration Outcomes
NCJ Number   177911
Author: Harry K. Wexler; George DeLeon; George Thomas; David Kressel; Jean Peters
Journal Criminal Justice and Behavior  Volume26  Issue2  DatedJune 1999  Pages147-167
Publication Date: 1999
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5.  Prisons, Work and Re-Entry
NCJ Number   179771
Author: Jeremy Travis
Journal Corrections Today  Volume61  Issue6  DatedOctober 1999  Pages102-105-133
Publication Date: 1999
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6.  Reducing Postrelease HIV Risk Among Male Prison Inmates
NCJ Number   180014
Author: Olga A. Grinstead; Barry Zack; Bonnie Faigeles; Nina Grossman; Leroy Blea
Journal Criminal Justice and Behavior  Volume26  Issue4  DatedDecember 1999  Pages453-465
Publication Date: 1999
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7.  Crime and Justice Atlas 2000
NCJ Number   182947
Publication Date: 2000
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8.  New York City Jail-Community Re-Entry Collaboration
NCJ Number   183591
Author: Timothy F. Lisante; Beth Navon
Journal Journal of Correctional Education  Volume51  Issue2  DatedJune 2000  Pages237-240
Publication Date: June 2000
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9.  Illinois Department of Corrections: 2000 Five Year Plan For Female Inmates
NCJ Number   183788
Publication Date: May 2000
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10.  New York's New Approach to Juvenile Rehabilitation Services
NCJ Number   188720
Author: John A. Johnson
Journal Corrections Today  Volume63  Issue2  DatedApril 2001  Pages112-116,118
Publication Date: April 2001
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11.  From Prison to Home: The Dimensions and Consequences of Prisoner Reentry
NCJ Number   190429
Author: Jeremy Travis; Amy L. Solomon; Michelle Waul
Publication Date: June 2001
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12.  Violence Against Women and Women's Involvement in Crime: Findings From Studies of Women in Prison (Video)
NCJ Number   194095
Author: Beth E. Richie
Publication Date: May 2, 2002
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13.  From Jail to Community: Innovative Strategies to Enhance Continuity of HIV/AIDS Care
NCJ Number   194277
Author: Franklin N. Laufer; Kimberly R. Arriola; Carol S. Dawson-Rose; Kumarasooriyar Kumaravelu; Karina Krane Rapposelli
Journal The Prison Journal  Volume82  Issue1  DatedMarch 2002  Pages84-100
Publication Date: March 2002
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14.  Drugs, Incarceration and Neighborhood Life: The Impact of Reintegrating Offenders Into the Community, Executive Summary
NCJ Number   195164
Author: Dina R. Rose; Todd R. Clear; Judith A. Ryder
Publication Date: 2001
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15.  Criminal Justice Community Resource Web Site Helps Ex-Offenders' Re-Entry
NCJ Number   196388
Author: Jack Powell
Journal Corrections Today  Volume64  Issue4  DatedJuly 2002  Pages72-75
Publication Date: July 2002
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16.  Waiting to be Caught: The Devolution of Health for Women Newly Released From Jail
NCJ Number   196645
Author: M. Katherine Maeve
Journal Criminal Justice Review  Volume26  Issue2  DatedAutumn 2001  Pages143-169
Publication Date: 2001
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17.  Revisiting Ex-prisoner Re-entry: A Buzzword in Search of a Narrative (From Reform and Punishment: The Future of Sentencing, P 158-180, 2002, Sue Rex and Michael Tonry, eds. -- See NCJ-197122)
NCJ Number   197130
Author: Shadd Maruna; Thomas P. LeBel
Publication Date: 2002
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18.  Women's Recidivism and Reintegration: Two Sides of the Same Coin (From Women at the Margins: Neglect, Punishment, and Resistance, P 295-318, 2002, Josefina Figueira-McDonough and Rosemary C. Sarri, eds. -- See NCJ-197190)
NCJ Number   197195
Author: Patricia O'Brien; Nancy J. Harm
Publication Date: 2002
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19.  Youthful Offenders: Today's Challenges, Tomorrow's Leaders?
NCJ Number   197273
Author: Kathy Bryant-Thompson; Deloris Glymph; Wm. Sturgeon
Journal Corrections Today  Volume64  Issue6  DatedOctober 2002  Pages74-76
Publication Date: October 2002
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20.  Prison Service and the Community: Working Together
NCJ Number   199439
Author: Hannah Nitzan
Journal Innovation Exchange  Issue10  DatedWinter 2003  Pages50-52
Publication Date: 2003
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21.  Illinois Department of Corrections: Fiscal Year 2003 Annual Report
NCJ Number   199583
Publication Date: 2002
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22.  Twelve Reasons for Collaboration Between Departments of Correction and Child Support Enforcement Agencies
NCJ Number   200729
Author: Esther Griswold; Jessica Pearson
Journal Corrections Today  Volume65  Issue3  DatedJune 2003  Pages87-90,104
Publication Date: June 2003
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23.  Minnesota Department of Corrections: Adult Offender Pre-Release Workbook
NCJ Number   201010
Publication Date: 2003
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24.  Prison and Jail Overcrowding Commission, 2003 Annual Report
NCJ Number   201596
Publication Date: 2003
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25.  Iowa Implements Mental Health Re-Entry Program
NCJ Number   201661
Author: Larry Brimeyer
Journal Corrections Today Magazine  Volume65  Issue5  DatedAugust 2003  Pages38-40
Publication Date: August 2003
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